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Year 5 Anglo Saxons and Vikings - April 2019


Last term Year 5 learnt about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. In art they created Viking shields. 




KS1 Recreating Jackson Pollock Art Work - June 2018


As part of Art week KS1 have had great fun outside, recreating art work by Jackson Pollock! 


Here are some photos of us in action!





 Year 4 Iron Man Completed - June 2018


Art week has been incredible! Year 4 are extremely proud of their Iron Man sculpture and have thoroughly enjoyed working with local artist Sarah Cannell." 


Year 4 Observational Drawings - June 2018


Over the last few art lessons, the children have been inspired by some brilliant art work created by Miss Goodwin!


Miss Goodwin showed the children some of the observational drawings she completed whilst attending university. These fantastic pieces of art really focused the children to produce some amazing work of their own based on observations of rusty metal.





4L - Iron Man Art - May 2018


Year 4 have been incredibly creative to use various artistic skills in order to recreate parts of the Iron Man.


The children were asked to pick their favorite scene from the first four chapters and then create how they believed it would look. They have used soft pastels to fill the background and then stuck on their Iron Man creations in black card.




Year 5 Art and Design - January 2018


This Month, Miss Goodwin and Mrs Belcher have been reviewing the learning taking place through Art and Design at Albert Pye.


Whilst talking to the pupils from Key Stage 2 about their perceptions, they discussed what they thought the purpose of art is.


Harriet Lynam from Year 5 summed it up beautifully by saying, “art puts more beauty in the world. If there wasn’t art anywhere, the world would feel bland and you would feel shut out. Art expands the imagination and opens windows.”




Observational Drawing of 1940’s artefacts by Harriet Lynham Year 5



KS1 Art - December 2017


As part of our space topic, we made space pictures using different materials.


First we used paint and mixed different shades of grey to create the background. Then we ripped and teared foil and glued it to a photograph of ourselves to look like a space suit.