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EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to EYFS!

Reception Visit to Minsmere - July 2017

Dental Workshop - Nursery and Reception - May 2017


This week the dentist came to visit Nursery and Reception. She told us about our teeth. We have 20 baby teeth and did you know they fall out and then we grow our adult teeth! She showed us how to brush our teeth carefully and also showed us healthy foods to eat. 



Pop-up Cafe in Nursery - May 2017


Nursery held a 'Pop-up Cafe' in Nursery this week. We had to plan what to make and write our menus. Then we had to make the biscuits and balance cakes, using the scales to balance the egg with the sugar, flour and butter, carefully measuring the right amounts. It was very sloppy and sticky before we baked it!


We made healthy fruit punch, chopping up apples, strawberries and pineapple to add to our special drink. On the day we had to read our menus to our grown ups and write what they wanted for their order.


We then served our grown ups and shared eating the cakes and biscuits together.





Gardening Party - Nursery - 23rd March 2017


A huge thankyou to the parents and relatives who volunteered to help at with our gardening working party. The vegetable patch was cleared ready for planting, the tyres filled with soil, the borders tidied and the overgrown bushes were given a major prune!


The children were so excited to see the new stone path take shape and were quick to test it out!. Also, a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Wickham for the free top soil, Mr and Mrs Eades and Mr and Mrs Tonkes for the logs, and Mr and Mrs Cameron for the logs for the mud kitchen.


Coopers DIY kindly donated compost and bark and many parents and Evergreens Garden Centre have provided pots and seeds.


Thank you for such amazing support! 






Rosie the Hen - March 2017


We have been reading and retelling the story of Rosie the Hen. Mrs Eccleston brought Rosie the hen into Nursery for us to look at and find out information about a real chicken.


We learnt that chickens eat broccoli, corn and layers pellets and that they have feathers not fur. She felt so soft and warm. We counted her toes and she had 5, 4 at the front and 1 at the back.


We listened to Rosie clucking and found out that they cluck when they lay an egg!




Nursery Beach Schools


This month our Nursery classes took part in Beach Schools in Lowestoft.


The hands-on trips included creative tasks such as beach combing and creating our own artwork from our finds and  were led by a qualified instructor from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.


The Children all had a great time and enjoyed the experience.



Nursery News - December 2016


Nursery have had a café outside this week and have read the menus to choose the food and used the till to take customers money. 


We have been talking about feelings and looking at how people's faces change when they are feeling sad, happy, excited or cross. We used mud and clay to make faces . The mud was very squelchy!


Inside we have been sorting and counting baubles and decorations, listening to advent stories and singing Christmas rhymes. 



Firefighters Visit - November 2016


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have been finding out about the different occupations people have.

The firefighters visited school with the fire engine and we found out how the firefighters use the hose to put out fires and the special equipment they use to keep themselves safe and rescue people.

They even turned on the siren and flashing lights!





Children in Need - November 2016


On Friday 18th November Nursery parents and carers joined the children in Nursery for the 'Spotacular' Children in Need share session.


Children counted and matched bears, had a teddy bears picnic, making sure each bear had a cup and a plate and made patterned bandanas, just like Pudsey."