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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Explorers - February 2018


This week Year 3 were explorers following in the footsteps of Captain Scott.


We set off to the South Pole in teams of 5 and experienced the freezing conditions and terrible blizzards. We got into our sleeping bags and wrote the last entry in our diaries. We thought about how it would feel when we got to the South Pole and realised we had got there 2nd!


We put lots of emotion into our journal entries and learnt a lot about how it would feel to be an explorer.



Mountains - February 2018


In Year  this term, we have been looking at different parts of our amazing world. In particular, over the last two weeks the focus has been on mountains.


After looking at different mountains in an atlas, we looked at the types of mountains.


We then had a lot of fun creating our own model mountains!









Year 3 Christmas Performance


Well done to all the Year 3 children for the amazing effort they put into the Christmas performances. They all did a brilliant job and we had lovely feedback from the parents that were able to come and watch.







Egyptian Day - November 2017


After our visit to Norwich Castle for our topic on Egyptians we held an Egyptian Day at school. All children (and staff) were invited to dress up as an Egyptian for the day.


Thank you to all that took part!





Year 3 Visit Norwich Castle - 22nd November 2017


On Wednesday 22nd November, year 3 visited Norwich Castle Museum as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic.


The children had a fantastic opportunity to step into the shoes of ancient Egyptians and archaeologists, examining real artifacts and learning about the Egyptian way of life. As historians, they considered whether sites of archaeological significance should be investigated and artefacts removed, or left as the original inhabitants intended.


A great day was had by all!




Year 3 Trip to Benacre


On the 23rd May 2017, the Year 3 children went to Benacre Estate for an exciting day. They had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that they had never experienced before.


The day was split into two parts, either side of lunch, where children had the chance to explore the Benacre Barn site and then along the coast. Activities included searching for bones inside owl pellets, bug-hunting in the wilderness and observing a tree surgeon managing the environment.


Additionally, there were birds of prey and opportunities to meet the hounds. The children had a fantastic day and were all excited to share what they knew when they arrived back at school.