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Reception Open Days Sessions Thursday 11th October 2018 9:30-10:30am and Thursday 22nd November 2018 9:30am-10:30am.

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Sports Day - June 2018


Year 4 took part in their annual sports day. The children really enjoyed completing all of the activities in the warmth of the bright sunshine. All of the Year 4 pupils behaved brilliantly! It was fantastic to see so many of them cheering each other on and showing genuine pleasure in seeing each other succeed!


Well done to all that took part!




Iron Man Completed - June 2018


Art week has been incredible! Year 4 are extremely proud of their Iron Man sculpture and have thoroughly enjoyed working with local artist Sarah Cannell." 


Nature Detectives - June 2018


This week, Year 4 have started work on our new topic. Over the course of this half term, the children will learn to be nature detectives.


So far, the pupils have learnt how to classify based on whether things are living or non-living and have identified various creatures around our school field. 



Observational Drawings - June 2018


Over the last few art lessons, the children have been inspired by some brilliant art work created by Miss Goodwin!


Miss Goodwin showed the children some of the observational drawings she completed whilst attending university. These fantastic pieces of art really focused the children to produce some amazing work of their own based on observations of rusty metal.





Menu for the Iron Man - May 2018


Metal meatballs, Iron ice cream, Barbed-wire bread, Copper cakes and Magnetic milkshake would all sound pretty disgusting to us. However, the Iron Man would jump at the chance to sample some of these delicious meal options.


Over the past couple of days, the children have been creating their own Iron Man menu and have been developing a set of instructions for each meal.


They have made great use of imperative verbs in order to make the instructions simple to follow.


Iron Man Art - May 2018


Year 4 have been incredibly creative to use various artistic skills in order to recreate parts of the Iron Man.


The children were asked to pick their favorite scene from the first four chapters and then create how they believed it would look. They have used soft pastels to fill the background and then stuck on their Iron Man creations in black card.




The Iron Man Continued - May 2018


Over the course of the week, We have been reading more of The Iron Man. In our literacy lessons, we have been focusing on the skill of ‘retelling’.


The children have focused on chapter 3 which sees the return of The Iron Man as his arm erupts from under a peaceful hill whilst a family are enjoying a nice, quiet picnic.


The pupils have had some great ideas and have used advanced language to enhance their writing. 


The Iron Man Display - May 2018


The pupils have produced some exceptional work whilst reading The Iron Man.


Some of this fantastic work is now on display in the room. The children have produced some amazing character descriptions using similes, personification and targeted questions in literacy and have made their own Iron creatures out of aluminium. 


Hard Boiled Eggs - May 2018


Ever since our 'Teeth' workshop, the children have been fascinated with teeth and the effect sugar has on them. To that end, we have now set up an investigation looking at the effects of different materials on hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs represent teeth perfectly. They have a hard outer shell and a soft interior.


We will be looking at these eggs frequently as they sit in nothing, water, lemonade, coffee and a sugar solution.


We will keep you updated with our findings! 


Look After Your Teeth - May 2018


Throughout the morning, the children have taken part in a fantastic workshop all about keeping their teeth healthy. they are now experts in brushing and foods that contain sugar.


In addition to this, the pupils will now be checking the quality of the toothpaste they are using, making sure it meets the fluorine levels of 1450 part per million!


Enjoy the photos!















Machine Designs - May 2018


As we read through the story of The Iron Man, it has become more and more apparent that such a creature would create a massive problem for our town!


As such, Year 4 have planned some designs for a machine that could deal with the colossal iron man. Obviously, as we are a kind and caring year group, we wouldn't want to harm the creature. Therefore, our designs vary from a shrinking machine to an unlimited food producer. A teleportation device to a machine that would create him his own iron family. 



Estimates - April 2018


The children have been enjoying the sunshine whilst estimating length.


The pupils were given ten measurements that they  then had to estimate on the playground using chalk. When the children had finished, they needed to measure their work to see just how close their estimates were.



The Iron Man - April 2018


Over the course of the half term, we will be reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This story focuses on the mysterious Iron Man after appearing at the top of a hill. Know body knows where he came from or how he got there. Throughout our literacy lessons, the children will be analysing the text, answering questions and producing written work of their own.


Please ask the children how the story is progressing to see what information they can remember.


Measures - April 2018


We hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. It's been lovely to hear all of the stories the children have be excited to share about their activities and adventures.


The children very quickly settled back into some hard work and have been using their knowledge of measures to help estimate and then accurately measure the classroom. 



Norwich Castle Visit - March 2018


This Month, the Year 4 pupils were lucky enough to visit the Norwich Castle Museum for a Roman experience. The children benefited from learning about the Romans and the Iceni and how their lives were effect by one another. On one side, the Romans demanded taxes for the luxuries they had brought to Britannia. On the other hand, the Iceni felt they didn't need or want anything the Romans had to offer. 

The children loved making their very own Torcs (Iceni Jewellery), learning what it took to be part of the vast Roman army, learning what a typical day in the life of an Iceni villager was like and to handle some genuine Roman relics. 

To finish the day the children were asked to vote on favour of the Romans or Iceni based on the validity of their argument. Unfortunately, the Romans didn't approve of democracy and did what they liked anyway. 

The children were exceptionally well behaved, which was commented on by members of the public, and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. We hope that the children will now use their free admissions voucher to pay another visit to this local treasure.





Maths Week Update - March 2018


To conclude our fantastic Maths week, we had our 'Parent Share' which involved some orienteering.

The children, along with willing adults, were set a difficult challenge!


They had to wonder around our playground to decipher a secret message. Using their maths skills, they needed to solve 25 different problem that applied the skills and knowledge they have learnt over maths week and the rest of the year. As they answered each question, they received a letter of a clue. Once all 25 were completed the children had to decide which of the treasure boxes they would open.


Thank you to all of the adults that participated in our afternoon 



Maths Weeks - March 2018


Maths week has well and truly begun with the children looking at 2D shapes and their features. Now the children have a good understanding of measure and shape, we have begun the designing phase of our very own model Roman Chariots!


Over the next couple of the days, the children will be measuring and cutting the wood they need to create the basic shape of the Roman chariots, they will be learning about triangles and then using them to support the corners of the chariots.


The designs are currently looking brilliant!! 




World Book Day - March 2018


We celebrated World Book Day on Friday 9th March and were so impressed with all the amazing costumes from both the children and the staff!


The children had a lovely day and took part in some book themed activities!





Hobbit Challenge - March 2018


The children engaged fantastically with their scientific, Hobbit based challenge. Imagine the surprise on Bilbo’s face when he realised his magical ring had been stolen and the only suspects were his supposed friends! However, I don’t suspect the thief had any idea hat Year 3/4 were experts on chromatography and could decipher who’s pen had be used to write the note they left behind.


After much testing, the pupils were able to identify the culprit! 


I’m sure Bilbo will be forever thankful.



Time Table Rock Stars - March 2018


This afternoon, the children have really enjoyed completing their first session on times tables rock stars. The pupils have been earning coins so they can fit out their wired and wonderful avatars with some funky clothing.


All of he pupils have received a username and password so they can access the website at home.


Over the next few days, a competition will begin between the Year 4 classes ... who will win!?!? 


Outdoors and Adventure - February 2018


In PE, Year 4 have been learning to improve their team work and problem solving skills through a range of outdoor and adventure tasks. They’ve demonstrated some fantastic team work and enjoyed completing orienteering trails.....






participating in bench challenges …





and taking part in mat games.





Division Detectives - February 2018


Our numeracy lessons have helped us become division experts. We have enjoyed using lots of resources to explore the meaning of division …




and we had fun participating in ‘The Great Division Dash’.







Romans Rule - February 2018


The children have truly embraced our new topic, Romans Rule, and love being historians. They have asked lots of fascinating questions and thought carefully about how they are going to find out about life in Britain during the Roman period.


We had great fun being archaeologist and using the artefacts to learn about the past.






After finding out about the successful invasion of Britain in 43AD, we enjoyed finding out about Boudicca, the Celtic Warrior Queen. Unfortunately, cameras hadn’t been invented during the Roman times, so no one really knows what Boudicca looked like.


With a little help from a historical description, we created some amazing watercolours of what we think she looked like.




We also enjoyed learning and performing a song about the Celtic Queen in our music lessons.


We decided that the Roman army were key to the success of the Roman invasion. This led us to wonder what it must have been like to be a Roman soldier. We used non-fiction books to research the army and created some amazing information pages.




We also designed and made our own Roman inspired shields,






and used our number skills to crack ‘The Great Roman Army Challenge’. With the help of a few clues we eventually managed to calculate the number of soldiers in a legion …




..and the entire Roman army!


After passing a fitness test in PE, we practised creating army formations.






The Roman Army - February 2018


We have been looking at just how vast the Roman Army actually was. After a lot of research and Maths, we were able to calculate that the number of men stood at around 167,200!!!!! How amazing!!! 




Inventions - January 2018


Some brilliant learning this wet Monday morning. We have been looking at how explanation texts are written. The children have now explained how the odd but spectacular shirt machine works.


Over the course of the week, the children will be designing their very own inventions and explaining how to operate them. 


Growth Mindset - January 2018


Over the past few weeks, we having been talking about adopting a ‘growth mindset’. The children have been trying to remain positive, remind themselves that they can tackle their problems and to realise that a mistake isn’t a mistake if they learn from it.


Today the children have been tackling complex division problems with remainders. However, they soon realised, that with a little help from their talk partners and the learning resources, they could do it.




Dragon Egg Update - 14th December 2017


Year 4 was filled with excitement this morning as the Dragon Egg they have been keeping in the classroom had hatched, and left a glittery trail all the way to the library, but no Dragon was to be seen!


Jesus' Christmas Party - December 2017


The hall was packed on Monday evening and this afternoon for the Year Three and Four Christmas play.


All the children performed brilliantly and looked fantastic in their costumes. Mr Loman and Miss Goodwin are very proud of everyone who took part.


Enterprise Project - 24th November 2017


Well done to Year 4 for running such a successful stall at the Beccles Christmas Fair on Friday 24th November.


The children did a fantastic job of selling their products and took a whopping £439 on the night! After much discussion, the children have decided to spend some of the money raised on some exciting new books and to donate the rest to charity, a local food bank.





Year 4 Pony Club - November 2017


Congratulations to the Year 4 Pony Club! Throughout the term, the children have been developing their understanding of stable management, road safety, horse riding and even participated in their very own gymkhana. 



Children in Need Share Morning - November 2017


Year 4 had a great time celebrating Children in Need. There were some very spotty outfits and the children thoroughly enjoyed throwing baked beans over Mr Lowman!


Thank you to those that supported our Maths share morning. It was great to see so many adults and children getting involved with the Pudsey maths puzzles.   





Enterprise - November 2017


Over the past few weeks, Year 4 has become a work shop for our Enterprise evening.


The children have become incredibly creative and produced some fantastic, quality products.


These have included Christmas cards, scented candles, decorative salt dough decorations, snowmen pegs and deliciously decorated biscuits.







An Eggciting Arrival! - November 2017


Our new topic, ‘Dragonology’ has begun. A couple of weeks ago, we received a letter inviting us to become dragonologists. To become dragonologists we need to complete a series of scientific quests. We were also sent a dragon egg to look after. We can’t wait until it hatches!





The Reading Challenge - October 2017


Well done to all those who completed the Reading Challenge during the first half term. Mr Lowman and Miss Goodwin were very impressed that so many Year 4’s completed it. We hope you enjoyed reading the specially selected books and poems and had fun during the reward afternoon.


Don’t forget, the new Reading Challenge has begun and the reward will be a disco on Thursday 14th December.

The Great British Challenge


Our first topic ‘The Great British Challenge’ was a roaring success. Year 4 had a great time on their imaginary journey from Lands End to John O’Groats. They learnt a lot about our country and developed some excellent geographical skills.



Year 4 had to use map skills to navigate their way across Britain and find their way out of Wales when they got lost.




In Birmingham, we went past a Hindu mandir. We were fascinated, so we decided to find out all about Hinduism.




We also found out about the British artist, John Brunsdon and created our own art work inspired by the Lake District.






We even spotted the Lochness Monster in Scotland.



When we arrived at John O’Groats, we celebrated the end of the journey with a special Great Britain Day. We dressed up as famous British people, created British themed calligrams and had fun doing some Scottish dancing.




Roald Dahl Day - September 2017


In September, we had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl Day with Year 3. The day involved finding out about the famous illustrator, Quentin Blake, creating dream jars inspired by the BFG and other creative activities.


We were surprised to learn that in 2014 a missing chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was discovered. The chapter was called The Vanilla Fudge Room, but it was cut by Roald Dahl from the final version of the book. It featured two extra children, Tommy Troutbeck and Wilbur Rice, who got into trouble on the Vanilla Fudge Mountain. We painted pictures of what we thought Tommy Troutbeck and Wilbur Rice might have looked like.




Year 4 Carlton Marshes Visit


Year 4 had a fantastic time at Carlton Marshes in June.


We were able to explore our topic 'Nature Detectives' at first hand. We went Dyke Dipping, and found invertebrates from damselfly larvae to pond snails. We also found invertebrates in the marshes where we explored the long grass and plants.


Finally, we visited the woods and created keys to identify leaves. We all enjoyed it thoroughly.




Disgusting Digestion - May 2017


This term, Year 4 have been studying 'Disgusting Digestion'. As part of this topic we welcomed two visitors. Firstly, Mrs Loades from the James Paget taught the children how tooth decay happens and how to look after their teeth to prevent it. In the afternoon they practised brushing their teeth and used a food dye to show up any areas they had missed!


As part of our topic Year 4 investigated the effect of drinks on our teeth using egg shell. We found out that only water and milk did not affect the egg and any juices, squash and fizzy drinks damaged it!


4F would also like to thank Mr Grove for talking to the children about the digestive system and demonstrating how our saliva turns food into sugar!



Trip to the Dell - April 2017


On Wednesday 19th April, Year 4 visited the Dell in Beccles as part of their ongoing exploration of how the environment changes throughout the year.


The children looked for signs of spring and noticed that many plants had begun to grow again.


On returning to school, the children have produced some fantastic descriptions of the Dell and artwork using collage and paint.


We will be visiting again in the summer to see what else has changed!


The Egg


Year 4 have been looking at the story ‘The Egg’. They were then set a challenge, they had to build something to protect an egg and try to stop it from breaking when it was dropped from a height.


They were given a time limit to do this and had to use social and co-operation skills and work together as a team.



Roman Chariots


In Year 4 we have been making Roman Chariots. The children used their DT and Maths skills to design and make a model chariot.


They were challenged to work out the base size using their one piece of wood and had to measure, saw and construct accurately to ensure the wood was perpendicular.


Some of the finished work was displayed in our Roman Museum.




Science Week


As part of British Science week, 4F investigated mixing colours using paper towels.


They developed their questioning skills and tried out better ways to mix the colours such as using different liquids.



Roman day


Year 4 had a fantastic Roman day in March. They dressed as Romans and tried out the Baths. In preparation for a feast they baked Roman bread.

They also went to Roman school, even though girls would not have done in Roman times!


Everyone had a great day putting their learning about Romans into practise. 




Norwich castle


On 2nd February Year 4 enjoyed a great day out to Norwich Castle Museum for 'A Day with the Romans and Iceni'.


They learnt about Iceni way of life and made a celtic torc. With a Roman tax collector they got to handle real artifacts and work out which was the replica. Also we met a Roman soldier, and some children even got to try out the armour!


By the end of the day there was a big debate between supporters of the Celts and Romans!


Romans Rule!


Year 4 have started their Romans Rule topic and were historians finding out about the past in different ways. One way they did this was to be archaeologists digging for artefacts!


They found different objects and decided which they thought were modern and which were Roman.




As part of their Romans Rule topic, Year 4 will be setting up their own museum. To help them with this they visited Beccles Museum on 23rd January to find out how a museum is run and to get ideas for displays.


They had a great time investigating the displays of objects from our local area and came away with lots of ideas and questions.






On the first day of Term Year 4 enjoyed an 'eletcrifiying' day all about electricity! They found out how electricity was discovered and produced, and explored circuits.


The children were able to predict if a circuit would make a bulb light up, and tested out materials as scientists to see if they were conductors or insulators.


Finally they designed and created switches to turn their circuits on and off. 



Great Britain Day 20/10/2016


Children in Year 4 celebrated the end of their topic, and their journey from Land's End to John O'Groats, with a special day.

They came dressed in Union Jack colours or even a famous Briton.


The children enthusiastically participated in a 'Great British Bake Off' to make some scones, which they later devoured as 'afternoon tea'!


They particularly enjoyed Scottish dancing.