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*** Reception Open Day Sessions for children starting Reception September 2020 - Thursday 9th January 2020 - 9:15 am -10:00 am! ***



Newspaper Articles Year 4 - October 2019


In literacy, we have been looking at newspaper articles with the aim of moving onto writing some of our own. The children have enjoyed acting out some scenarios that involved a witness to a crime being interviewed by a police officer. These quotes will then form part of their writing.





Year 4 World Classes - September 2019


In literacy this week, we have started looking at word classes. To begin with we have been identifying the different types of nouns. Ask your children the difference between common, proper and collective nouns.



Year 4 Letters - May 2019


What should you do if your village is being terrorized by a giant iron creature? Write a letter to mayor of course. The pupils have written fantastic persuasive letters to the mayor asking for help to get rid of this menace. They were required to outline the problem along with the evidence they had, convince they mayor he was a real issue to the community and then come up with a cunning plan to get rid of him. 



Year 4 Literacy Challenge - May 2019


In literacy over the past week, we have been reading chapter three of The Iron Man. This children have then been challenged to retell this chapter in their own words. Whilst taking inspiration from the original, they have managed to include all of the various literary skills we have been learning about all year.


Their final work is amazing! 



Year 4 The Iron Man - May 2019


In literacy, we have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


This story has really captured the imagination of the children which has led them to produce some exceptional writing. You will find some examples of their writing displayed around Year 4.


We hope you are as impressed as we are with the standard of their work. 



Year 5 Anglo Saxons and Vikings - April 2019


Last term Year 5 learnt about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. They read the ancient story of Beowulf and then wrote their own poems. 




Year 4 - The Iron Man Continued - May 2018


Over the course of the week, We have been reading more of The Iron Man. In our literacy lessons, we have been focusing on the skill of ‘retelling’.


The children have focused on chapter 3 which sees the return of The Iron Man as his arm erupts from under a peaceful hill whilst a family are enjoying a nice, quiet picnic.


The pupils have had some great ideas and have used advanced language to enhance their writing. 


Year 4 The Iron Man Display - May 2018


The pupils have produced some exceptional work whilst reading The Iron Man.


Some of this fantastic work is now on display in the room. The children have produced some amazing character descriptions using similes, personification and targeted questions in literacy and have made their own Iron creatures out of aluminium. 


Year 4 The Iron Man - April 2018


Over the course of the half term, we will be reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This story focuses on the mysterious Iron Man after appearing at the top of a hill. Know body knows where he came from or how he got there. Throughout our literacy lessons, the children will be analysing the text, answering questions and producing written work of their own.


Please ask the children how the story is progressing to see what information they can remember.


Treasure Island


Our Year 6 children have been writing about Treasure Island.


Here are some examples of their work.


Year 4 Literacy - November 2017


Through our literacy lessons, the children have been learning to interpret poetry.


This has led them to write their very own dragon poem. Some have included excellent descriptive language, some have used similes and others have incorporated rhyming verses. However, the one thing they have all had in common is that they have been absolutely brilliant!



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