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Virtual Easter egg hunt

Can you follow the clues and find rhyming words to solve my Easter egg hunt with Otis?

Bear hunt!

Join me on a bear hunt as we send our good wishes and support to the amazing Michael Rosen.

Nursery outdoor learning 2

Alan's favourite number

Nursery Mini Music


Something for our Nursery children, a live stream mini music with Joe Carr this Friday!

Join us live for 30 minutes of songs and fun for all.

Nature's alphabet

Join me in seeking out the beauty in nature and using our phonics to do so!

Albert Pye Nursery - Mrs Kershaw's Outdoor Learning 1

Make a rainbow using items from your house and garden!

Dougie doodle!

My amazing artist friend Olivia teaches adults and children alike how to draw Dougie!

A number bonds challenge!

Come and join in with my number bonds challenge, that is if Otis doesn't try to ruin it before we even start!

Story maps with a special guest

Can you guess who my special guest will be...? Put your story map skills to good use today!

Day 3: sharing with some unexpected visitors!

Today we delve into maths with a quick look at problem solving and how we begin to share in early years and beyond.

Day 2: discussing our mental health

Today we look at the book 'The Colour Monster' and discuss strategies to help us identify our feelings and emotions.

Welcome to Miss Turnbull's youtube channel

Welcome to this channel where we will be sharing home lessons for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Today's lesson: write instructions on your daily ...