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EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to EYFS!

The Colour Monster

In Nursery we have read the story of the 'Colour Monster' and have been talking about different feelings. Matilda knew "Feelings are like when you are happy or excited or sad". Freddie and Oakleigh taught us that 'calm' is when you "all settled down" and Freddie described it as "when you are relaxed." 


Nursery learned about the King's coronation this week. We looked at crowns and then made our own using  a repeated pattern of shapes or colours. We learnt about the golden carriage and Buckingham Palace. We then organised a 'Coronation Cafe' for our parents. We wrote a list of ingredients for the food, went shopping to Roys to but the food and then made balance buns, sandwiches and healthy fruit kebabs to eat on the day. 

We watched a performance of 'Thumbelina' by the Norwich Puppet Theatre. There were different sorts of puppets, including a toad, Thumbelina, Miss Mouse, a dragonfly, a mole and a beautiful swallow. Some parts  were a bit scary, some were funny and at the end they 'all lived happily ever after!' 

The 3 Little Pigs


This week in Nursery we have been listening to and retelling the story of the '3 Little Pigs'. We know lots of the words such as 'Not by the hair on my chinny chin' and we have been finding out about things we can blow such as feathers and leaves. Our favourite part of the story is when the wolf burns his bottom! 


Mothers Day 

This week we have read stories about 'Mummies.' We read 'My Mum is Fantastic,' 'I Love My Mummy' and 'Why I Love My Mummy.' We talked about what makes a Mummy and why they are so special to us. We made cards for our Mummies, carefully drawing pictures of them and then writing inside. 

World Book Day 

Today the children came dressed as their favourite book characters. We shared our favourite stories and enjoyed retelling them with our friends. We made a 'Stories We Love' book by adding our shared stories and drawing our chosen book characters. 

Pancake day in Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been learning how to make pancakes, following a recipe. We listened to the story of 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and have learnt a new poem, 'Mix a pancake, stir a pancake'. We have been using our 10's frame knowledge to work out how many pancakes were left in the counting rhyme '10 flat pancakes sizzling in a pan'. Finally we had a pancake race, balancing the pancake as we ran in the race. 

Hot Chocolate Evening 


This week we invited parents and children to our 'Hot Chocolate Evening.' We wrapped up warm and read stories around the fire bowl outside. We enjoyed exploring and reading books in our school library. We loved getting warm and cosy drinking hot chocolate in our 'Hot Chocolate Cafe.'  

This week in Nursery we have read 'A Busy Day for Birds'. We made binoculars to look for birds, found out that some birds eat snakes, painted birds and have made bird feeders to help look after the birds during the cold and icy weather this week. 

We made birthday buns in Nursery. We wrote our shopping list, went to the shops to find the ingredients and used them to bake the cakes. We had to weigh the ingredients and make sure they balanced before mixing them together and carefully use a spoon to put the mixture in the cake cases. 

Christmas in Nursery

Visit to Beccles Quay 

This week Nursery enjoyed a wet but wonderful visit to Beccles quay. We travelled on the school minibus and loved spotting our homes and shops on our journey. Once parked in the carpark we enjoyed a walk along the river, looking the water and the different types of boats. We loved playing pooh sticks off the bridge and watching our sticks travel along the river. On our walk we also talked about other bridges we could see and what they were used for. We found four different bridges on our journey.  

The Beccles firefighters visited Nursery with the fire engine this week. We learnt so much about the role of the fire fighter and were confident to have a go at spraying water from the hose, sit in the fire engine and talk with the firefighters. We even thought of questions to ask the firefighters. 

Reception have been learning all about fire safety. We were then careful to remember all our safety rules when having our own Firepit in our Forest Friday session. We finished the session with toasted marshmallows!

Pumpkin Soup

This week in Nursery we have been learning to use one handed tools such as hammers, knives and spoons to help build up the muscles in our hands. We listened to the story of 'Pumpkin Soup' and made our own soup, chopping the pumpkin into chunks, stirring the soup and then eating it. Every child in Nursery was a Risk Taker Rabbit, trying the soup and deciding if they liked it or not! 

Nursery Library Parent Share October 2023.

This week in Nursery our parents and carers joined us for stories and books in the library. We had a lovely time, sharing books together in our wonderful library space. 

New Mud Kitchen

This week as part of our 'Woodland Wednesday' Dorothy Dragon unveiled our new mud kitchen. She showed us where all the different resources live following the pictures and labels. Dorothy set us the challenge to put the missing resources back in the correct places. Many of the Nursery children have loved using our new resource and we have had lots of fun making mud soup, mud pie and mud smoothies. Thankyou so much to Tony Bellinger # TBCreative for making our fantastic mud kitchen. 

Following on from our learning about our own homes and other buildings, Reception enjoyed using our Beccles Landmark building blocks to help make a map of our home town.

Gruffalo Grumble and Owl Ice-cream 

This week we read the Story 'The Gruffalo.' As part of 'Woodland Wednesday'  we made 'Gruffalo Crumble' using apples we had collected, peeled and cut. We also added blackberries and even made the crumble mix. We were very excited to try the cooked crumble with most of us eating it all up. After making crumble we made 'Owl Ice-creams,' using bananas and raisins for eyes, grapes for a beak and waffers for ears. We had so much fun cutting the bananas, counting out the raisins and breaking up the waffer. All Nursery loved eating them for their snack. 


Reception have been learning about castles, we have learnt new words such as battlements and made our own representations of castles and special buildings.

Nursery met 'Dorothy Dragon' in Woodland Wednesday and learnt how to use magnifying glasses to look carefully at different objects.

Nursery - Sunflowers 

Mrs Sale brought in a sunflower head this week. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the sunflower and talked about what we could see and what we know about the plants. We read the book 'Little Sunflower' and talked about how a sunflower grows. We have loved spending time creating observational paintings of sunflowers. 

Welcome back to Nursery September 2022

Caterpillars to Butterflies!

Polly Dunbar came to visit Nursery to read some of the poems from her new book. We loved ' Ready for Spaghetti' Thankyou Polly!

Mini Monsters - July 2022


On Tuesday we had a visit from Ed from 'Mini Monsters.' We got to look, touch and hold a variety of creatures including Trinny the Tarantula, Mildred the Millipede and Ghostie the Ghost Corn Snake. 





Waveney Gym - July 2022


Nursery went to Waveney Gym. We went on a bus and put our seatbelts on. At the gym there were trampolines, bars, soft-play, beams and ropes. We climbed, balanced, jumped and used our arm muscles to swing. Afterwards we ate our packed lunch.  





Police - June 2022


The police came to visit Nursery on Friday and we looked at the cars, read the signs and talked about the role of the police officers! Thank you Suffolk Constabulary for a great visit.





Music - May 2022


This week with Joe Carr we used our instruments to shake and tap and joined in brilliantly with the words and actions to the new songs we are learning!. "Music makes me feel happy!"  Perfect start to mental health awareness week. 


Sunflowers - May 2022


Reception are becoming sunflower experts! We have found out lots of interesting facts about them, including how tall they can grow to. Miss Brown brought in a helium balloon so we could see how tall that would look like. We have created lots of artwork too and can't wait to show you all soon!





Music - April 2022


It was lovely to welcome Joe Carr back to Nursery for a brilliant music session on Monday. We are looking forward to learning new songs and rhymes in the coming weeks.


Garden - April 2022


Thank you to our amazing superhero gardening volunteer parents this week. What a difference you have made to our outdoor learning area.



Fritton Owls - Nursery - April 2022


Nursery we were lucky enough to meet two beautiful owls from the 'Fritton Owl Sanctuary.' We learnt lots of information about owls, such as they have feathers, a beak and talons. Some of us were brave enough to touch them.





Mr Baker's Chicken - March 2022


Nursery had a special visitor in today. Mr Baker brought his chicken for us to look at. We found out that it has soft feathers, 3 sharp toes on each foot, a beak with nostrils on it, 2 eyes, lots of soft feathers, a red comb on the top of its head and a red wattle under its chin. 


Mr Baker made a temporary enclosure for it in the garden but she escaped several times and Mrs Kershaw learnt how to catch a chicken! 





Birds - March 2022


Nursery have been reading A Busy Day for Birds and we already know so much about birds. They can fly, sing, eat worms, have beaks and wings and make nests to live in! Theo used the little books in the writing area to make a brilliant birds counting book and Skylar demonstrated her skill in using the scissors to cut out the pictures for her book. 


I wonder what else we will learn about birds over the coming days!'  Watch this space....



Reception World Book Day - March 2022


Reception at Albert Pye loved dressing up as their favourite book characters today! #worldbookday2022


Pancakes - March 2022


Nursery have been learning how to make pancakes this week using banana instead of eggs! They were delicious. We read the story of 'Mr wolf's Pancakes' which had a very surprising ending!



Stories - February 2022


Children in Nursery are enjoying bringing their favourite stories in from home to share with their friends. They love borrowing our new number story sacks too, listening to and using mathematical language. 





Trolls - February 2022


Reception had a letter from the Troll who had got himself in a bit of bother with a magic bracelet he had found. We all wanted to help and have made potions, spells, and all sorts of creations  to try to help the Troll. Some of the children even made their own game about the Troll.





Blocks - February 2022



Reception do love using the large blocks in their learning. We built a tunnel today, there was so much maths involved! We talked about height, length, and identified shape and measure. We talked about adding just one more if we needed to or even taking some away. Then we went under and through the tunnel.



R/1VM Christmas Performance

Reception Christmas Video 2021

Nursery Christmas Video 2021

Billy Goats Gruff - December 2021


This week in nursery we have been listening to the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and retelling using puppets and masks. We have built bridges for the grumpy troll to hide under and made our own pictures of the troll. We used words to describe him including angry, grumpy, cross, hairy, hungry and horrid.





Christmas Tree - November 2021


Nursery have been decorating the Christmas tree in the entrance in preparation for the countdown to Christmas.



Spot Bakes a Cake - November 2021


After reading Spot Bakes a Cake we decided to make our own in reception at Albert Pye. We made shopping lists, took a poll to see what our favourite cake was and planned our toppings. Then we got to make and eat them!





Owl Babies - November 2021


This week in nursery we have listened to the story of owl babies and learnt all about owls. Did you know they have feathers, quills and talons and they eat mice and things that are nice.



Leaf man - November 2021


We have been reading the story of leaf man in nursery this week and have used leaf shapes to make our own leaf person.



Pumpkin Soup - November 2021


In Nursery we have read the story of Pumpkin Soup. We used knives to chop the vegetables and made soup. We had to use strong hand muscles to cut the vegetables.  We found out that  6 children liked the soup and 10 didn’t like it.



Autumn - October 2021


It’s that Autumn time of year again in Nursery. We have collected conkers from under the horse chestnut tree.  Did you know they are seeds and we are going to try and grow a tree from them.

We have been finding out about hedgehogs and have collected a pile of leaves to make a home for one to hibernate in over winter. Did you know they have 8000 spikes and are very prickly!





Earth, Moon and Space - October 2021


Reception have been talking about the Earth, Moon and Space. We have read Whatever Next, made space pictures, designed rockets, and made some brilliant cosmic universe art with chalks outside!



Cosmic Universe Art in Reception

Houses - October 2021


Reception have been very busy lately learning all about houses, we have made models, drawn plans and even made our own binoculars to go building spotting around the school grounds!





5 Currant Buns - October 2021


Last week in nursery we were singing 5 currant buns, counting carefully. Some children baked birthday buns and mixed flour, water and salt to explore textures and materials. Our challenge was too see if we could make dough.




Nest - September 2021


It’s woodland Wednesday in nursery again and Duncan found an old nest for us to explore. “It’s round and soft.”  “It might be for a dragon....or a bird.”  We made a nest using sticks and leaves, working cooperatively.


Settling in - September 2021


What a wonderful first few weeks in Reception we have had at Albert Pye. We have been so busy!





Woodland Wednesday - September 2021


It’s woodland Wednesday in nursery again. We talked about animals that live in the woods and we found a fox, a squirrel, a badger, a rabbit, a mouse and an owl. Do you know what else lives in the woods.



Team Work - September 2021


We are already working as a team in nursery, persevering to roll the heavy log up the hill and then laughing as we let it go down the other side. #persistentpenguins



Party Time! - July 2021


Reception read the story ‘Spot bakes a cake’ at the beginning of the week and we made a list of the ingredients we would need to make one for ourselves. We had several birthdays in the class recently, so after making our balance cake, carefully weighing our ingredients and sharing it out equally - we had a party! Complete with balloons, decorations and dancing…





Illustrators - July 2021


Polly Dunbar came to nursery yesterday to read her new book, The Longer the Wait the Bigger the Hug. She demonstrated how she draws hedgehog & tortoise &we learnt how to blow a hug. What a brilliant session we had and we have many budding illustrators in Nursery.



Robots - July 2021


Nursery have read Harry and the robots in nursery. We have designed and made our robots , choosing the shapes we need to build and construct.





Clare Thompson - June 2021


Reception have been using loose parts to create there own art work inspired by the fantastic transient Art from Clare Thompson and her books, Junk DNA and The Gingerbread Man.



Nursery Rhyme Challenge


Nursery have taken part  in the nursery rhyme challenge. Watch our film to see how brilliant we are. 

Did you know, research has shown that when a child knows 8 or more rhymes at the age of 4 they are usually one of the best at reading  and spelling. 


 We wonder how many rhymes they know....

Nursery rhyme challenge 1

Frogs - May 2021


In nursery over the past few weeks the children have watched the frogspawn turn into tadpoles, tadpoles with legs and finally froglets. Mrs Sale took them safely back to their pond. It has been fascinating and we have learnt lots of facts about them e.g When the tail shrinks the froglet doesn’t need to eat because it uses its tail as food! 




Musical Mondays - May 2021


It was brilliant to welcome Joe Carr back to nursery for our musical Monday session . We sang along to the guitar, played instruments and joined in with all the actions.


Captain Tom - April 2021


In the EYFS we are planting 100 sunflowers seeds for captain Toms birthday. We wonder if they will all grow?



A Giant! - April 2021


Reception discovered some footprints in the classroom this morning! After some careful measuring of the muddy prints, we decided they were to big to be Miss Brown’s or Miss Minns’ - they had to belong to a giant! We went to look for more clues outside, made notes on our discoveries and made some footprints of our own...





Jasper's Beanstalk - April 2021


Nursery have been reading Jasper's Beanstalk and we have been planting and growing seeds for our new vegetable patch. We talked about the word ‘absorb’ “it means the water goes up the paper towel and makes it wet”.





Minibeasts - April 2021


Reception have been learning all about minibeasts this week.




Spring - March 2021


Reception have worked really hard this morning, thinking about spring & looking at daffodils. We looked at the different parts of the flower, the way it blooms, choosing different shades of colour and using finer brushes to develop our fine motor skills. #wellbeing #backtoschool







R/1VM Superheroes - March 2021


R/1VM dressed as superheroes on Friday. They made jet packs and tested out their speed on the playground! #wellbeing #backtoschool



Super Hereos! - March 2021


On Friday reception dressed up as their favourite super heroes! We had lots of fun together, making jet packs ready for our race! #wellschools



Superheros and Villains - March 2021


Reception have been super busy this morning building an evil lair!


After making some careful plans and talking about their favourite heros and villains, we decided which characters we wanted to be. We also made a laser maze with lots of signs, jewels to steal and intruder alarms.







Welcome Back - March 2021


Nursery have been so excited to see their friends today. A really happy first day back. So proud of everyone.



World Book Day - March 2021


For World Book Day Nursery have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have tried different fruits and made caterpillar bookmarks.





A busy day for birds - January 2021


Nursery have been reading ‘a busy day for birds this week’. We used our imagination to create and paint our own birds and we used cylinders, fixing them together to make binoculars.  Outside we used them to watch the birds flying so fast in the wind.





January 2021 - Tidy


Nursery read the book ‘Tidy’ by Emily Gravett this week and we made some homes for the animals using leaves, grass  and sticks. It has been so lovely to share the work with our friends who are learning at home who have also made homes. Let’s see if anything moves in.





R/1VM Christmas Video

Class RB Christmas Video

Nursery Christmas Video

Problem Solving - December 2020


After working together to fill our water container the children in reception talked together to solve the problem of how to transport it. Our budding engineers soon worked out how!



Math Work - December 2020


Maths everywhere we look in nursery this week. Recognising and using shapes and measures, counting and recognising number symbols embedded in our play. Great work nursery.





Christmas Tree - December 2020


Nursery have been busy decorating our tree for Christmas and listening to the story of the first Christmas.




Road Safety - November 2020


We have been learning about road safety in reception. We chalked our own zebra crossing. made a block path and our own stop and go signs using all different resources.





Maths work - November 2020


Reception worked very hard in maths today! Our whole class came together to work on teen number recognition and ordering these on a large scale.


Nursery Firefighters - November 2020


Nursery firefighters have been working hard to put out the fires with water and hoses, finding out about roles of different people in our community.



Armistice Day - November 2020


Nursery did a fantastic job of sitting quietly to remember those on Armistice Day
We sat quietly for one minute to remember those fallen. Some children brought in some money to buy a poppy. We talked about the purpose of the poppy and what it means to wear one. Well done nursery!


Painting - November 2020


Nursery have been painting in the style of Jackson pollock and Ed Sheeran , throwing, dribbling and pouring paint on a large scale outside, working collaboratively and sharing the creative process.



Developmental Movement Play - November 2020


Last week in nursery we watched trapeze artists balance on high wires . We made our own high wires with the crates and planks and balanced carefully using alternate feet.





Owl Babies - November 2020


Nursery have loved this story this week and have even acted it out on our nursery stage. We made clay owls using leaves for feathers and twigs for legs. The owlets keep disappearing, exploring our nursery and so we have to count them,1,2,3 to make sure they come back to their nest safe and sound.



Rescue Centre - November 2020


After learning all about Albert the hedgehogs special rescue and how well he is being looked after we have decided to set up our own rescue centre in reception!


Well Done! - October 2020


We are so proud of the nursery children this half term who have amazed us all with their creativity, friendship building and enthusiasm for learning. We look forward to seeing you all next half term.





Breaking news! - October 2020

Miss brown was putting her wellies on when she discovered a visitor to the reception garden. We think he had been moving into the amazing hedgehog houses built by the children but we were worried about him being out during the day . So he has gone to hedgehog rescue to be checked over and cared for.


Whatever Next - October 2020


Reception have been using their knowledge of shape to make their own rocket models for Baby Bear to take to the moon!  



Leaf Man - October 2020


Leaf Man🍁🍂Well, a leaf mans’s got to go where the wind blows.

After reading the Leaf Man book in nursery the children were really inspired to create their own leaf men. The children showed great concentration and perseverance when arranging the natural objects to make their leaf men.


They look amazing.





Building - October 2020


Reception worked really hard this afternoon building a dock for their boat. After building a ramp for safety, they were able to set sail and go fishing! Brilliant team work!





Hedgehog Shelters - October 2020


Reception have been using donated bricks to make hedgehog shelters this week.


Thank you!



Rhythm and Rhyme - October 2020


Nursery enjoyed a fantastic rhythm and rhyme session. We sang lots of familiar songs and learnt how to tap a steady beat to them. The walking song was our favourite. 


Early Mark Making - October 2020


Early mark making everywhere in nursery this week, including a whole book retelling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. #futureauthors





The Three Bears - September 2020


The 3 bears have moved in to nursery whilst Goldilocks tidies their cottage. We had to organise their belongings by size and problem solve how to make a high chair for baby bear. 





Nursery Skills - September 2020


Incredible skills here in nursery today. Balance, poise, accuracy and team work.



Building - September 2020


Reception have had lots of fun this morning looking at how houses are built.


After some careful planning, reception had a go at building their own houses using the blocks outside. Brilliant teamwork and lots of perseverance!



Superhero's - September 2020


We have been talking about all the things we are good at in nursery and have made our nursery superhero book. What are you good at?



Burglar Bill - September 2020


'Burglar Bill has visited Reception! Lots of crime reports needed to be written following the mysterious visit, as well as designs made for traps in case Bill came back.'




Supertato - September 2020


Supertato to the rescue! Nursery read the story Supertato!

Using the potatoes we dug up me made our own supertatos. We loved getting creative and using different materials to make our own Super potatoes. 

We are ready to save the day!



Building - September 2020


Reception have been very busy with their building this week, there has been lots of planning and decision making along with lots of talk reflecting on their ideas!



Potatoes - September 2020


Nursery children worked together as a team today to harvest the potatoes in the pot. We dug them up, counted them out and gave them a wash! Do you know that we grew 58 potatoes!


We then learnt the potato song, counting up to 7!


Welcome to Nursery - September 2020


We are so proud of our nursery children, separating from their carers at the gate so brilliantly and remembering the routine . Well done everybody