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PD Day - Friday 23rd October 2020

EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to EYFS!


Well Done! - October 2020


We are so proud of the nursery children this half term who have amazed us all with their creativity, friendship building and enthusiasm for learning. We look forward to seeing you all next half term.





Breaking news! - October 2020

Miss brown was putting her wellies on when she discovered a visitor to the reception garden. We think he had been moving into the amazing hedgehog houses built by the children but we were worried about him being out during the day . So he has gone to hedgehog rescue to be checked over and cared for.


Whatever Next - October 2020


Reception have been using their knowledge of shape to make their own rocket models for Baby Bear to take to the moon!  



Leaf Man - October 2020


Leaf Man🍁🍂Well, a leaf mans’s got to go where the wind blows.

After reading the Leaf Man book in nursery the children were really inspired to create their own leaf men. The children showed great concentration and perseverance when arranging the natural objects to make their leaf men.


They look amazing.





Building - October 2020


Reception worked really hard this afternoon building a dock for their boat. After building a ramp for safety, they were able to set sail and go fishing! Brilliant team work!





Hedgehog Shelters - October 2020


Reception have been using donated bricks to make hedgehog shelters this week.


Thank you!



Rhythm and Rhyme - October 2020


Nursery enjoyed a fantastic rhythm and rhyme session. We sang lots of familiar songs and learnt how to tap a steady beat to them. The walking song was our favourite. 


Early Mark Making - October 2020


Early mark making everywhere in nursery this week, including a whole book retelling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. #futureauthors





The Three Bears - September 2020


The 3 bears have moved in to nursery whilst Goldilocks tidies their cottage. We had to organise their belongings by size and problem solve how to make a high chair for baby bear. 





Nursery Skills - September 2020


Incredible skills here in nursery today. Balance, poise, accuracy and team work.



Building - September 2020


Reception have had lots of fun this morning looking at how houses are built.


After some careful planning, reception had a go at building their own houses using the blocks outside. Brilliant teamwork and lots of perseverance!



Superhero's - September 2020


We have been talking about all the things we are good at in nursery and have made our nursery superhero book. What are you good at?



Burglar Bill - September 2020


'Burglar Bill has visited Reception! Lots of crime reports needed to be written following the mysterious visit, as well as designs made for traps in case Bill came back.'




Supertato - September 2020


Supertato to the rescue! Nursery read the story Supertato!

Using the potatoes we dug up me made our own supertatos. We loved getting creative and using different materials to make our own Super potatoes. 

We are ready to save the day!



Building - September 2020


Reception have been very busy with their building this week, there has been lots of planning and decision making along with lots of talk reflecting on their ideas!



Potatoes - September 2020


Nursery children worked together as a team today to harvest the potatoes in the pot. We dug them up, counted them out and gave them a wash! Do you know that we grew 58 potatoes!


We then learnt the potato song, counting up to 7!


Welcome to Nursery - September 2020


We are so proud of our nursery children, separating from their carers at the gate so brilliantly and remembering the routine . Well done everybody





Rain - July 2020


Nursery love a spot of rain....loose parts play, fitting pipes together to build a drain. Measuring, mathematical language, problem solving and cooperative play in abundance.



24th March 2020


We have had lots of pictures of your Home Learning, keep up the good work!




Home Learning - 23rd March 2020


Charlie has been watching Miss Turnbull's YouTube channel and has done some fantastic learning.


Well done Charlie!


Please send any photos of home learning you have done to with your child's name and class and we will try and get them on the website or share them on our Twitter page!



Music Fun - Nursery - March 2020


Working together as a team to keep a steady beat on the drums with Joe today in Nursery.




Characteristics of effective learning in action - Nursery - March 2020


Brilliant perseverance, challenge and concentration today, making an obstacle course with the crates, planks and tyres. “This is heavy” Roxie said , moving the tyres to where she wanted them.



Visit to Waveney Gym - Nursery -  February 2020


We are so proud of Nursery at the Waveney gym today. Taking turns, team work, challenging ourselves, taking risks and persevering .


A big thank you to our adult helpers for their tremendous support. Lots of sleepy children on the way home.





Princes and Princesses Day - Reception - February 2020


Reception have had the most amazing day today for their “Princes and Princesses” celebration. They have been acting out stories from Frozen and traditional fairytales and stories, as well as singing songs, drawing and labelling castles, and writing letters to princesses!  What a magical end of half term! 



Qpootle 5 - Nursery - February 2020


Nursery discovered that Qpootle5 had landed in the garden on Friday! He must have read our signs we made showing him where to land. We discovered spare spaceship parts, white circle alien footprints and lots of other clues telling us what Qpootle 5 had been up to. He had even helped himself to snack and didn’t tidy up afterwards!


Chinese New Year - Reception - February 2020


This week Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year and have drawn on Chinese architecture as inspiration for their designs when building with the blocks!


We have been using words like “pillars” and “symmetry”, trying to build some of the beautiful patterns and designs into our creations.



Spaceman - Nursery - January 2020


1 little man in his flying saucer had lost 4 of his friends in the garden. We helped to find them and William created a space ship to keep them all safe. Loose parts play, numeracy, working together and imagination. Love early years learning.



Music Session - Nursery January 2020


Brilliant music session with Joe from the Britten Pears Foundation in nursery today, singing songs, playing instruments, beating drums and dancing to 12 bar blues.


Can’t wait for the next session!



Nursery and Reception Christmas Performances - December 2019







Reducing Plastic Waste - Reception - December 2019


Reception have been working hard to reduce plastic waste this Christmas, and have made their own natural tree decorations out of sticks and ribbon. The only plastic they have used is glue, and we are thinking hard about how to reduce our plastic use further for next year so that we don't even need to use that!



Early Years Panto - Nursery - December 2019


'Nursery had a brilliant time at the Seagull Theatre Early Years Pantomime yesterday. It was so exciting to travel on the coach and be greeted by a giant elf at the theatre! We joined in with the songs and met Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, George and Peppa Pig and even Father Christmas!


Thank you to everyone at the theatre for a great experience and well done Nursery for joining in brilliantly, we are so proud of you.



Oh Christmas Tree - Nursery - December 2019


It's the most wonderful time of the year. Nursery artistically decorated our school tree this morning. "It's all twinkly!"



 RSPCA -  Reception - November 2019


Reception had a wonderful time today learning about the amazing work for the RSPCA and everything they do for the wide variety of animals they care for.


From playing games of “guess the animal”, cuddling our different animals and even having a go on Roy the horse, we had so much fun and are looking forward to raising money for this incredible organisation!



Police Visit - November 2019


Police officers Dan and Melissa came to visit Nursery and reception today to talk about how they help people.


We tried on the different sort of helmets and tested the siren and blue lights were working on the police car.


Thank you so much !



Frozen - Reception November 2019


Reception are so excited about Frozen 2 coming out! They have been drawing their own pictures of Elsa and Anna outside, labelling them and sounding out their names! Next week we will be designing and making dresses and frozen castles!





The Three Bears - Nursery November 2019


The 3 bears appeared in our woods today so we made porridge for them in our mud kitchen.





Hot Chocolate Evening - November 2019


Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful support for our hot chocolate story session last night from parents, children and staff. Wonderful to see so many children sharing books and stories with their families. And a massive thank you  for the donations of cakes and biscuits . We made a fantastic £80 for our outdoor area.





Fire Engine - Nursery & Reception - November 2019


The brilliant Beccles firefighters visited  Albert  Pye Nursery and reception today. Did you know the fire engine has 5 ladders and "loads of equipment inside". "They squirt water out to put out the fires." 


Thank you for making learning real and relevant.







Oi Frog - Reception October 2019


Reception absolutely loved their visit to Oi Frog at Norwich Playhouse today, a play including all manner of exciting characters such as a bossy cat, a dancing cheetah and a spraying elephant! It got the thumbs up from our children who said it was “amazing” and “soooo cool!” 



Drumming - October 2019


We have been exploring sounds and beat in Nursery by drumming! Phase 1 phonics in action!

My Movie.mp4

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My Movie2.mp4

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The Three Little Pigs - October 2019


In Nursery this week we have been listening to and retelling the story of the 3 little pigs. "You can't come in " "ha ha ha ha".





Harvesting Nursery - September 2019


Nursery have been busy harvesting carrots in our vegetable patch and tidying the beans after the summer break. We found so many bean seeds in the pods to plant next year. Our pumpkin is still green, we hope it turns orange in time for halloween.






Red, red, red! - Reception July 2019


Reception have had an amazing morning listening to Polly Dunbar’s fantastic new story ‘Red, red, red!’ We absolutely loved the story and even got to have a biscuit and then decorate our own! Thank you Polly for a fantastic morning and sharing such brilliant opportunities with our reception children throughout the year.





One potato, two potato.... - Nursery July 2019


Nursery harvested the potatoes we had planted in spring. There was great excitement finding the potatoes of various sizes in the soil. We counted 80 potatoes!





Pop Up Cafe - Nursery July 2019


On Friday, Nursery held a pop up cafe. We have been busy writing menus, baking cakes and making fruit punch ready to serve to our grown ups. Thank you to all who came and made it such a great success.





Humpty Dumpty Nursery - July 2019


Nursery have been working hard, creating a wonderful wall for Humpty Dumpty with their own rendition of the popular nursery rhyme.



Bees! - Nursery - July 2019


Bill the bee man came to nursery and taught all about keeping bees. Did you know bees and wasps are enemies? Bill wears a special hat and coat too tote to himself. Bees need flowers to help them survive so get planting everyone!





St Michael's Church - Reception June 2019


Reception loved visiting St Michael's Church in Beccles. They did a tour of the church, discovered what happened at church and designed their own stained glass windows!



Puppets - Reception June 2019


Reception were really excited to design their shadow puppetry boxes on Friday. They will be performing some of their shadow puppet shows and sharing the drama they have been learning during arts week! 



Car Wash! - Reception June 2019


Reception have been busy making use of the rainy weather this afternoon setting up their own garage, cleaning the bikes and cars and even writing signs with prices! Can you afford a car wash?



Building - Nursery June 2019


The power of block play in nursery. Team work, using shape appropriately and creating new worlds and stories and problem solving to reach the top!



EYFS Open Bike Session - May 2019


Our second open bike session after school was another success with children showing great perseverance and challenge. "It's great to have a safe flat surface for the children to use! "





Nursery Mini Beasts - May 2019


We have hunting for mini beasts in nursery and recording our findings. We have found snails ants June bugs worms ladybirds butterflies wood lice and spiders. 


Nursery - Jack and the Beanstalk - May 2019


We have been planting beans in our vegetable patch this week after listening to the story of jack and the beanstalk. Watch out for giants!


The fabulous Polly Dunbar came to school to read her newly published children's book 'Hug'  to Reception and Nursery. We loved the story and the amazing hedgehog and tortoise puppets were great to hug! 

Nursery have been learning about pirates, singing pirates songs, dressing up and using shapes to build boats. We have made treasure maps and used them to find all the treasure.

Nursery Library Share - 17th January 2019


We had another brilliant Library Share session with parents and carers today. The children loved having time sharing books and listening to stories. Thank you to all who came.

Road Safety - November 2018


This week is road safety week and we have been learning how to cross the road safely and to Stop, Look and Listen.


We also brought our bikes and scooters to school and talked about keeping safe, wearing our helmets, using our brakes and staying close to our adults. Then we had a go at travelling around the track on the playground. We had to do careful steering!

November 2018

This week the Beccles firefighters came to visit EYFS as we learn about the different roles people have. It was so exciting to see the fire engine on our playground and look at all the equipment kept inside. We sat in the fire engine and had to climb very high to get in and we dressed up in the firefighters protective clothing. Then we got to use the hose, the water was so powerful we had to hold on tight!. Many thanks to the firefighters who were so generous with their time and knowledge. 

PC Watson and PC Norman came to visit Nursery and Reception today. We learnt about how police officers help people and all the things they keep in their car for emergencies. We dressed up in the high visibility jackets and listened to the sirens. They were so loud! Then we all had a turn at sitting in the car. What a great experience  - thank you Suffolk Constabulary!

Hot Chocolate Evening - November 2018


Children in Reception and Nursery were invited to wrap up warm after school and come for a story session in our new library and then have hot chocolate The children met Duncan Dragon and learnt about fire safety. They also sang to the stars as the clouds cleared just in time!

Nursery were so excited to go conker hunting this week and wonder at how special they are. "Wow this one is so big!" " This shell is prickly!" "Mine's got 3 conkers inside it's amazing!" We took them back to Nursery and counted them. We actually found 100! It took a lot of counting. We found out that squirrels love to eat them. 

Pop-Up Parent Cafe - July 2018


Nursery had a wonderful time serving our grown-ups at our Pop-Up Parents Cafe.


It was a fantastic way to promote our writing skills and help our adults!





Polly Dunbar Visit to Nursery - June 2018


The fabulous Polly Dunbar visited Nursery on Wednesday 27th June with her friend penguin!

She read her books and drew some amazing illustrations. Watch out if a lion knocks on your door!





Mini Monsters - June 2018


Mini Monsters came to EYFS this week. We Learnt some amazing facts about the creatures. Do you know a millipede has 250 legs and a snails tongue is called a radula.


All the children had such a lovely time and enjoyed their time with the creatures!







Reception Visit to Minsmere - May 2018


On Wednesday 9th May our Reception children visited Minsmere Nature Reserve.


We had a lovey day and took part in lots of activities such as pond dipping and bird watching. We even got to have our lunch outside in the lovely sunshine!







Reception Visit to Minsmere May 2018

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The Dentist and the Crocodile Nursery - May 2018


Amanda the dentist brought Colin the Crocodile to Nursery to teach us all about looking after teeth!


Remember to leave the toothpaste on your teeth - no rinsing!



Light and Shadow Nursery - May 2018


This week the children in Nursery are exploring light and shadow.



Eggs - March 2018


On Monday, Mr Stevens paid the Nursery children a visit. He arrived with two different shaped boxes. After a long discussion about what we thought was in the boxes we realised both contained eggs. The children explained that eggs were not round like a football but had an oval shape. After an exploration into the differences between the box of eggs and the Easter egg, they all decided to have a look at what was inside.


Blake “The yellow part is called yolk.”


Bella “I know that one’s chocolate because it smells like chocolate and it’s brown.”


Following on from the exploring of the eggs, the children settled down and listened to a story called Dora’s Eggs beautifully.


They were lucky enough to then have a little piece of the chocolate egg whilst discussing the importance and symbolism of eggs at Easter time.





Nursery Easter Extravaganza - March 2018


Children in the EYFS came back to school dressed in their pyjamas for our Easter extravaganza hot chocolate story session.


We listened to stories and read stories with our families and friends before enjoying the Easter nests made by the reception children and the hot chocolate complete with squirts cream and marshmallows.

In total 105 people attended - thank you all for your incredible support!



World Book Day Nursery - March 2018


We had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day in Nursery on Friday 9th March. The children and the staff went to amazing effort with their costumes and took part in some lovely book themed activities!





Construction - Nursery March 2018


Children in Nursery have been learning to use wood work tools to create and construct.


We have learnt to hammer and sand our wood.






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Still image for this video

EYFS Outdoor Development - January 2018


This week in EYFS our parents helped to further develop our outdoor area. 


The weather was kind to us and we replaced the rotten raised beds ready for planting with bulbs and plants in the Spring. We filled the beds with compost kindly donated by Coopers DIY in Beccles and the wood planters were purchased by the Friends of Albert Pye.


Beds and paths were cleared of leaves and plants pruned. In the wood area we created a rope tyre swing which the children are already putting to good use and a permanent stick den. "It's so warm in here!" the children said. 


Many thanks to all who helped, your enthusiasm, problem solving and hard work is greatly appreciated! 



Nursery's Christmas Rhythm and Rhyme - December 2017


In December our Nursery held to sessions for their Christmas Rhythm and Rhyme share.


Parents and family members were invited along to watch and join in with lots of festive songs. Everyone had a lovely time and the Nursery did a fantastic job!


Thank you to everybody that was able to attend.



I'm a Little Snowman

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When Santa got stuck up the chimney

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Firefighters - Nursery - November 2017


We were all very excited when our local Fire Officers came to visit us at Albert Pye.


We looked at all the equipment and different hoses lights, Jaws of Life and four ladderson the fire engine. We were allowed to sit in the fire engine and have a turn in the driver's seat!



Owl Babies - Nursery - November 2017


In Nursery we have been listening to and retelling the story of Owl Babies.


We concentrated on making our owl paintings, exploring different media, including paint, glue, feathers and objects for eyes. Outside we rolled and squashed and pinched clay to make owls, adding feathers and leaves and berries and flew them in to the trees to wait for their Owl Mummy!



Visit to Beccles Library - Nursery - November 2017


We visited Beccles library to share stories with our Grown ups. We met the Library Information Assistant and she read us a story and sang rhymes with us.


We then chose our own stories, carefully turning the pages and looking at the pictures and listening to the words.


Children in Need - Nursery - November 2017


On children in need day we invited our Grown ups in to share some Maths activities with us. We had lots to do, we iced biscuits whilst carefully counting our toppings, made dotty bandanas and decorated Pudsey faces with circles. We set the table for our teddy bears picnic and played games sing dice and timers. Some of us dressed up in Pudsey outfits. We talked about why we were raising money for Children in Need.



Bedtime Bears - Nursery November 2017


The children in Nursery and Reception came back to school in the evening in their pyjamas for a special 'Bedtime Bears' story session.


All the staff wore pyjamas too and read stories to the children. Then parents and carers joined in, sharing books together with the children and drinking Hot Chocolate and eating cakes made by the Nursery before going home to bed.


It was fantastic to see 52 children there, what a great evening, developing a love for story time and books together.



Goldilocks and the three bears - Nursery October 2017


The children in Nursery have been listening to the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears' after Hugh told us all about the porridge. We joined in retelling the story and drew pictures to decorate the bears house of the 3 bears.


We have cooked and eaten porridge, exploring how the oats change texture as they cook and have made cups of tea and cake for our teddy bears to eat at their picnic. We have even made a 'bear book' for our book area. Everyone painted their own bear and we all have our photograph in the book - come in to Nursery and have a read! 





Reception Visit to Minsmere - July 2017

Dental Workshop - Nursery and Reception - May 2017


This week the dentist came to visit Nursery and Reception. She told us about our teeth. We have 20 baby teeth and did you know they fall out and then we grow our adult teeth! She showed us how to brush our teeth carefully and also showed us healthy foods to eat. 



Pop-up Cafe in Nursery - May 2017


Nursery held a 'Pop-up Cafe' in Nursery this week. We had to plan what to make and write our menus. Then we had to make the biscuits and balance cakes, using the scales to balance the egg with the sugar, flour and butter, carefully measuring the right amounts. It was very sloppy and sticky before we baked it!


We made healthy fruit punch, chopping up apples, strawberries and pineapple to add to our special drink. On the day we had to read our menus to our grown ups and write what they wanted for their order.


We then served our grown ups and shared eating the cakes and biscuits together.





Gardening Party - Nursery - 23rd March 2017


A huge thankyou to the parents and relatives who volunteered to help at with our gardening working party. The vegetable patch was cleared ready for planting, the tyres filled with soil, the borders tidied and the overgrown bushes were given a major prune!


The children were so excited to see the new stone path take shape and were quick to test it out!. Also, a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Wickham for the free top soil, Mr and Mrs Eades and Mr and Mrs Tonkes for the logs, and Mr and Mrs Cameron for the logs for the mud kitchen.


Coopers DIY kindly donated compost and bark and many parents and Evergreens Garden Centre have provided pots and seeds.


Thank you for such amazing support! 






Rosie the Hen - March 2017


We have been reading and retelling the story of Rosie the Hen. Mrs Eccleston brought Rosie the hen into Nursery for us to look at and find out information about a real chicken.


We learnt that chickens eat broccoli, corn and layers pellets and that they have feathers not fur. She felt so soft and warm. We counted her toes and she had 5, 4 at the front and 1 at the back.


We listened to Rosie clucking and found out that they cluck when they lay an egg!




Nursery Beach Schools


This month our Nursery classes took part in Beach Schools in Lowestoft.


The hands-on trips included creative tasks such as beach combing and creating our own artwork from our finds and  were led by a qualified instructor from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.


The Children all had a great time and enjoyed the experience.



Nursery News - December 2016


Nursery have had a café outside this week and have read the menus to choose the food and used the till to take customers money. 


We have been talking about feelings and looking at how people's faces change when they are feeling sad, happy, excited or cross. We used mud and clay to make faces . The mud was very squelchy!


Inside we have been sorting and counting baubles and decorations, listening to advent stories and singing Christmas rhymes. 



Firefighters Visit - November 2016


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have been finding out about the different occupations people have.

The firefighters visited school with the fire engine and we found out how the firefighters use the hose to put out fires and the special equipment they use to keep themselves safe and rescue people.

They even turned on the siren and flashing lights!





Children in Need - November 2016


On Friday 18th November Nursery parents and carers joined the children in Nursery for the 'Spotacular' Children in Need share session.


Children counted and matched bears, had a teddy bears picnic, making sure each bear had a cup and a plate and made patterned bandanas, just like Pudsey."