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Year 6 Health Club - May 2019


Over the past few weeks children from both Year 6 classes have been enjoying our healthy cooking sessions. We discussed safety, hygiene and cutting techniques before we embarked on the cooking aspects. Much and laughter was had during our sessions and some real positive team work shone through. We have made "flippin" tasty tomato pancakes, egg mayo baps, cheats pizza, tuna and new potato salad, and some delicious  smoothies.


The children didn't want their cooking classes to end and neither did we!


Mr Mckenzie and Mrs Chambers

Health Club Ambassadors


Smoothies in the Sun - 5th July 2018


After demolishing our fresh fruit and cold cooling cups of water we played a game, Fruit Corners. We filled in our ingredients sheets with much anticipation.


Mrs Chambers was in charge of the blender and was an expert by the 5th one!


We drew our smoothies and said what they tasted like, some they thought were yum and some they thought were yuk and were not sure about the fruits together.


Fruit kebab making was our round off activity, we made them for ourselves and our family members. What a fun tasty way to finish Health Club this term.m The children have learnt so much and with their Health Club bands on they are eager to spread the word!


Dates and Stress Balls - 20th June 2018


Dates, dates, what are dates Mrs how Health Club started today. 


We were lucky enough to have fresh dates in our fruit selection today, they didn't go down as a great hit but at least we tasted them!


We did some mind mapping about stress and what the word meant to us and how we physically feel sometimes. We talked about strategies of how to reduce our stress and anxieties. Then we went outside and made some fabulous stress balls with balloons, flour and loads of laughter! We were covered in flour by the time we had finished, but what fun we had making them. The children said they were going offer their stress balls to their parents if they had a stressful day.



Natural Treasure - 13th June 2018


First Health Club after half term and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with an outside activity.


We talked about treasure whilst eating our fruit snack, natural treasure. What treasure could be found out in our playground and play field. We talked about nature, sights, sounds, smells and touch.


A lot of us soon realised we probably walk to school and back without taking much notice of the beauty around us. Even just sitting in the garden or on the field at lunch times taking it all in.


We spread out the groups around the field and playground, each person had a treasure pot to fill.


We sat and listened, we walked and found, we looked and saw - natural treasure all around.

Ready Steady Hydration Race - 9th May 2018


Health Club took part in the gorgeous sunshine on Wednesday afternoon. 


After snacking on some gorgeous fresh fruit we skipped our way onto the field. Here we split into 3 teams and planned our strategies to get to the other end with out spilling a drop!


We had great fun filling our 1.5 litre and 2 litre bottles, the hurdles were a little tricky!


We talked about what hydration means and what it does for your body and brains.


We enjoyed every minute this afternoon and made some good liquid swaps to make our hydration healthier.

Smoothies - 28th March 2018


Wow what a way to finish this groups health club time with us......smoothie making!


First we made the recipes of what we were going to add into our shakes, then one by one we collected our fruit and juice and some even used yoghurt to place in our magic bullet blender.


We tasted and rated our own smoothies and even had enough left for a takeaway one to share at home with others.


It was agreed that not all smoothies turned out the way we thought but most tasted and looked inviting. Maybe we could hold a smoothie sale in the summer months and share some of our recipes with you all.


Glitter Germs - 14th March 2018


On Wednesday 14th March the fruit was scrumptious as always and not a morsel was left on a plate. 


Our topic was germs and how we spread them, where they come from and how we get rid of them. We had a brilliant glitter chain going on outside. We covered our hand in paint and handled objects covered in glitter (glitter representing germs) and passed them to one another.


We were amazed by how many germs we had on our hands in such a short time. We continued to put our hand prints onto sheets of sugar paper. We then thoroughly washed our hands free of the germs, which took some doing with some good soap suds.


We were so enthused about spreading the good news to others that we made some posters to place around the school.


What will next week bring to our fun health club!!



Sugar Scanning - 7th March 2018


Wowee this week was a real eye opener to how much sugar we are eating. This leads on from our teeth session and how much we have to clean off our teeth. 


We split into pairs and prepped our Ipads and off we went sugar hunting around the tables full of empty packages. A large tub of celebrations was our highest sugar hit, measuring a whopping 236 sugar cubes.

As we scanned the fruit  a green man appeared saying natural fruit only - big thumbs up for Health Club.


The children measured out the sugar cubes representing against the packages we were scanning. The children were surprised about some of the packed lunch bars in many lunchboxes and how many cubes they contained.


The children left Health Club wondering what excitement next week will bring!

Latest Health Club News - January 2018


The next group of Health Ambassadors are ready to go out and spread their new found healthy knowledge. We have sugar scanned, painted mindfulness rocks, studied macronutrients made healthy wraps, wore our smoothie moustaches and looked at healthy lunchboxes.


The children at both Ravensmere and Albert Pye have had a great enthusiasm this term, well done to you all!


Things to come later this year in health club…….


Fitbit Challenge the Teachers and new Health Ambassador bands to wear as you complete your sessions. #makinghealthychoices

Wednesday 29th November 2017


We talked about what feeds our good bacteria and what feeds our bad bacteria.


We made some fun bacteria bugs!



Wednesday 22nd November 2017


We started the fruit eating during a game of would you rather, this was with much amusement as we discussed our answers and reasons. Would you rather have bananas as toes or fingers?


The persimmon fruit was unusual to taste and to the eye, but a new try for us all! The emotion board was discussed and we talked about the different things and experiences that bring out different emotions inside us.


We painted emotion pebbles to reflect one of our strong emotions we see in others or feel ourselves.


We finished the session with a game of emotion corner dash, burning some of our fruit energy as we participated.


What will next week bring?.............



Wednesday 15th November 2017


This weeks health club saw us making hands without bones, it was so funny trying to shake hands with each other! We talked about how many bones we have in our whole body and where they are.




We tried something different in our fruit platter too..............pomula! Look out for one and try it yourselves and let Mr McKenzie and Mrs Chambers know what you think!



Wednesday 8th November 2017


In Health Club this week we learnt about sugar content in food and the effects of sugar in our bodies.


We used our sugar scan app on our Ipads to see how many sugar cubes were in the food packets scattered on the tables.


The children were amazed by some o the results. The Health Club children have reported to Mr McKenzie and Mrs Chambers that they are using the sugar scanning app around tescos.



Health Club Seaside Trip


On Wednesday 24th May, Health Club finished our sessions with a fun afternoon.


We boarded the mini bus and headed to Pakefield beach. Here we set up camp, windbreaks secure, kites made and buckets ready for use We had a brilliant afternoon building sandcastles and flying kites in the strong wind. We finished playing rounders, Mr McKenzie’s team vs Mrs Chambers team…….we think it was a draw!


Fun, laughter, sea, sand and exercise, cannot wait to do it again soon!