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Equilateral Challenge Year 4 - July 2019


Today the children have been set the challenge to create a heptagon, a quadrilateral and a hexagon whilst only using equilateral  triangles. A very difficult challenge! 



3D Shapes Year 4 - July 2019


Continuing our work on 3D shapes, the pupils today have been assembling nets and then giving the shapes an appropriate name based on their properties. 



Year 5 Measure - June 2019


Year 5 have been learning about measure and today they were estimating distances and then using trundle wheels to measure them. To end the lesson they had to plan out a 1km route which they then used in their PE lessons and timed their run.




Year 4 Rectangles - May 2019


Today we have been learning to calculate the area of rectangles. The children started off by simply counting the squares within each shape, however, they soon learnt that using their times tables was much quicker. 



Year 4 Units of Measure - 15th May 2019


In Year 4, we have been focusing on both using and converting units of measure. This week we have moved on to looking at volume and capacity. We spent some time in the sunshine today estimating and measuring the capacity of various house hold objects.


The pupils worked brilliantly and were very close with some of their estimations. 




Year 4 Measures - April 2018


We hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. It's been lovely to hear all of the stories the children have be excited to share about their activities and adventures.


The children very quickly settled back into some hard work and have been using their knowledge of measures to help estimate and then accurately measure the classroom. 



Year 4 Time Table Rock Stars - March 2018


This afternoon, the children have really enjoyed completing their first session on times tables rock stars. The pupils have been earning coins so they can fit out their wired and wonderful avatars with some funky clothing.


All of he pupils have received a username and password so they can access the website at home.


Over the next few days, a competition will begin between the Year 4 classes ... who will win!?!? 


KS1 Maths - December 2017


In maths we have been learning to recognise and know the value and denominations of coins and notes. Firstly we looked closely at the different coins and labelled each one.




Next we looked at ways we could make different amounts.




We enjoyed using coins to buy items from our class shop.



Year 4 Mathmatics - Place Value - November 2017


In order to help consolidate their learning, Year 4 having been using place value counters to show decimal amounts. The children worked brilliantly in their talk partners to come up with the answers.



Year 4 Numeracy - November 2017


In numeracy, the children have been working hard to understand the relationship between fractions and decimals.


Showing they understand by presenting their answers as a decimal, fraction and visually through shading in parts of a hundred square.



Maths Day - Carlton Colville - November 2017


Last week, we took 14 year 5 and 6 children to an able maths day at Carlton Colville. The children worked individually and in group to solve a range of challenging problems that really got the children thinking about their maths – they tackled algebra and thought about proof.


‘Today was great because it was all about Maths. Some of the Maths we did was hard but that was good’ James , Year 5


‘Today, I learnt loads and really enjoyed making the maths clocks and tablecloths. The algebra pyramids were hard though’

Rosie, Year 6


‘I enjoyed this trip because we learnt a lot about different methods and what different signs’ Olive, Year 5

‘Today I had a great day! I learnt about factorials. I would go again any day’

Marcus, Year 6


‘I had a great today! I learnt lots about factorials and Pi. This day really challenged me and I loved it overall. I especially enjoyed the mathematical clocks and tablecloths’

Emily, Year 5