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Although the age rating for TikTok is 16 and should not therefore affect children within our schools we felt it was important to make you aware o some extremely distressing footage which is now being shared on the platform. The 'suicide' video, which was originally streamed on Facebook, is now being shared across other social media, in particular TikTok. It is apparent that the footage has, in some cases, been edited into other videos which start off very innocently. Anyone who encounters versions of the video should report it immediately to the platform where they saw it.


Although this is a particularly disturbing video, there are many other examples of inappropriate and explicit content which is freely available to be viewed on TikTok along with a number of concerning TikTok challenges. Please can we remind parents that the age rating for TikTok is 16 and therefore children below this age should not be using this app.


If you would like any further information regarding online safety please see our website or contact the school directly.


Kind regards


Ms Minter

Computing Lead