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Panathlon at the Copperbox - November 2019


It was an early start for us all.  We  left school at 6.45 am with Mr McKenzie at the wheel. Our journey was smooth and took just under 3 hours. We were in Group B against 5 other schools. Our t-shirts were black (Mrs Chambers Favourite)!


The whole team played with all their skill and effort to the max. Miss Minter was very impressed with the commitment and organisation of our team, just like the professionals.


After lunch it was medal time. We were very proud to be awarded silver, 2nd in our group and 5th overall in the country!


What an amazing day at an amazing venue, the children were as were the staff!


Mrs Chambers 


ALT Panathlon Event - June 2019


Our KS2 Panathlon team travelled to Red Oak for a fun afternoon of Panathlon games.


We worked hard and encouraged one another in every event. One of our particular favourites was skittles, it was tricky hitting the skittles just right to create a domino effect. 


After the events we congregated on the floor and awaited the results We came 2nd, another fabulous Panathlon medal to take home! True  effort and determination was given by all who attended!


Mrs Chambers