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School Council 2019/2020

Our councillors are a mixture of children representing years 2 to 6. Their primary role is to develop and extend the school vision and help to implement positive, pupil lead change. All school council members are passionate and determined to make our school/community as child friendly, sustainable and enjoyable as possible. We meet regularly to keep on top of school events. This year, we have a specific focus on improving children’s mental health through CHIMP (Children's Health is Mental and Physical). This initiative was piloted and implemented by our previous school council. It now underpins all of our half termly school values.


School Pledge - February 2020


The School Council are putting the finishing touches to our new school pledge. They have written a list of actions we as a school can implement in order to minimise our negative impact on the environment.





Hobbies - February 2020


Today, the School Council delivered an assembly on hobbies, which has been takes directly from our CHIMP initiative. The aim of this was to inspire fellow pupils to take up a hobby of their own. The Council members filmed themselves out of school taking part in their hobbies. This was then compiled into a short video. We hope you enjoy it.

school council hobbies.mp4

Still image for this video

Gary Peile Garden - February 2020


The School Council have been given the honour of helping to plan the Gary Peile garden in memory of the trusts former CEO. The children have looked at furniture, where to source it and calculated costs. We hope construction will get underway shortly.



The Albert Pye School Pledge - January 2020


The School Council have decided they want to make a big impact on our school and the shrouding environment. They have had multiple discussions and have decided to come up with the official Albert Pye school pledge. This will be a list of simple tasks that we can do in order to minimise our impact on the environment.



School Council 2017/2018

Council Visit - July 2018


In July the School Council were lucky enough to visit Beccles Council. They had a lovely visit and got to look round the building and even talk to the Mayor.





Sport Relief - March 2018


All the school council would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in and who donated money to the Sport relief charity on Friday 23rd March. The children had a fantastic day