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*** Reception Open Day Sessions for children starting Reception September 2020 - Thursday 9th January 2020 - 9:15 am -10:00 am! ***



The Digestive System - November 2019


In Science, Year 6 have been exploring the digestive system this week and learning all about enzymes. They can describe physical and chemical changes involved in the process.



The Journey Year 3 - October 2019


We read The Journey by Aaron Becker and thought about how the water moved along the canals through the city. We had great fun exploring how to make the boats move and we investigated forces.




Year 4 - Digestive System - June 2019


To make our digestive system come to life, we drew the exact outline of the organs needed to digest food onto plain white T-shirt’s.


The children did brilliantly and can now name each and every organ involved in this process. They have been allowed to take these home. I hope they get lots of use from them. 




Year 4 Egg Experiment - May 2019


We have been testing liquids on eggs to compare the effect these would have on human teeth.

After 10 days of leaving our eggs in various liquids , we were ready to see the results. The pupils examined the eggs in detail and then endorsed their results in a table.


It turns out, orange juice and Sprite are incredibly bad for our teeth. Some of other results were surprising. With beer and coffee having a minimal effect on the structure of the egg. 



Year 4 - The Digestive System - May 2019


The journey of food through the digestive system is long and complex. The children have been learning about the specific functions of each of the organs and have written a story about the journey of a piece of food.




Year 3 Science Week, George's Marvellous Medicine - June 2018


In Science Week Year Three had great fun as scientists trying to make marvellous medicines for George.


We used acids and alkalis like vinegar and lemon juice and bicarb to explore chemical reactions. We explored solids and liquids using cornflour and we made exploding volcanoes! We love science!





Year 3 and 4 Hobbit Challenge - March 2018


The children engaged fantastically with their scientific, Hobbit based challenge. Imagine the surprise on Bilbo’s face when he realised his magical ring had been stolen and the only suspects were his supposed friends! However, I don’t suspect the thief had any idea hat Year 3/4 were experts on chromatography and could decipher who’s pen had be used to write the note they left behind.


After much testing, the pupils were able to identify the culprit! 


I’m sure Bilbo will be forever thankful.



KS1 Science - December 2017


KS1 have been developing their Scientific Enquiry skills by investigating – What makes a shadow? Firstly the children discovered how shadows where made by thinking about the sun and objects in the lights path. Next they made close observations at different times of the day and chalked on the pavement their findings.




By the end of the day the children identified the movement of their shadows and discussed reasons why this happens. After researching information the children found out that the movement of the earth changes the position of the sun and therefore the shadow.