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Mental health week 2

Continuing with random acts of kindness

Mental Health Awareness Week 1

Random acts of kindness

Maths Challenge from Mr Lowman


Can you crack the code? 


Read the information several times before you hive it a go.


A couple of bright sparks in Year 5 managed to solve this in under 2 minutes!


Best of luck


Mr Lowman


Visual Timetables


Some children find it easier if their days are structured and there is a routine for them to follow. At school, we use a visual timetable to help them feel secure and to show them what is coming next. Miss Lane (SENDCO) has provided a Visual timetable for you to use with your child at home if you feel they would benefit from this. Lots of symbols are provided for you to pick from so you can plan each day.


Virtual Football Challenge

Made by Mr McKenzie School Twitter: @albertpyeravens

Masterpiece Monday - Olivia's bee storyboard

Join my talented friend Olivia for another master class in art - this time she's teaching us how to make a storyboard telling our own unique and original sto...

Staff thank you

Maths Challenges - 1st April 2020


Here are a few maths challenges Mrs Everett has set for year 5 and 6 to have a go at. Years 4s go for it if you're up for a challenge. 

Maths Challenge 1st April 2020

Gratitude & Reflection

Albert Pye Top Five

Video created by Mr. Mckenzie for APR School Twitter: @AlbertPyeRavens

Albert Pye Sock Game

North Suffolk Sport and Health Partnership


Our friends at the North Suffolk Sport and Health Partnership are offering some virtual sporting opportunities.


This week it is gymnastics. To take part, you need to get someone at home to film a routine of different balances.


Reception - Year 2 have 40 seconds
Year 3 and 4 have 30 seconds

Year 5 and 6 have 20 seconds


Each balance needs to be held for 3 seconds.

You will score points baced on the balances you choose which are split into the categories Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenging.


please use this link to see the list of balances and the rules for the competition…


Once you have filmed your routine, you can post it on either our twitter or facebook pages.


Remember, Mr Mckenzie would say to have a go. To only perform balances in your routine that are within your ability and to always be neat and tidy. You are a gymnast!


Here is a video of Cora showing us how its done.


We can't wait to see what wonderful routines you are capable of.

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Still image for this video

Albert Pye Five A Day

Video created by Mr. McKenzie for APR