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PD Day - Friday 23rd October 2020

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Lockdown Superstars


Duolingo - April 2020


Although we have included some MFL worksheets linked with the French we would have been working on this half term, learning a language involves practising the skills of speaking and listening as well as reading and writing.


The app ‘Duolingo’ is a great resource to help you practise your French and to try out lots of other languages too. Great news…..the app is free to install!


Give it a try and don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on by posting messages on the school Twitter or Facebook.

Home Learning - April 2020


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Woven Birds - 1st April 2020


We’ve been making woven birds in school today. Then we turned them into a scavenger hunt and hid them round the nursery garden.



Home Learning - 1st April 2020


Here is some more of your lovely Home Learning.







Home Learning - 31st March 2020


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Home Learning - 25th March 2020


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An album of our daily doodle twitter challenge - March 2020

Choir Singing at Dell Care Home - December 2019


The Albert Pye Choir went along to the Dell House Care Home in Beccles on Tuesday 10th December to sing for the residents.


Staff said “The children were so well behaved and polite. They sang beautifully and were wonderful with the elderly when they spoke to them. They were a credit to your school and to their parents. They would love to have us back again soon.”


Well done to all the children that went along and sang!



KS2 Maths Cafe - November 2019


To support the parents we held a KS2 maths cafe. The focus of the cafe was how children use measure. We looked at how the expectations of measure progress from year 3 to year 6.


Parents had the opportunity to have a go at some of the activities children would complete in lessons. We also looked at some examples of questions and the skills and knowledge children need to solve these questions. Parents who came said the session was useful and has helped them to support their children at home.



Children in Need - November 2019


On Friday 15th November The Albert Pye hosted a maths share morning for which parents were invited to come into school and work alongside the children. Children were also able to come in non-uniform for the day.


We raised £338.75 for Children in Need! Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the maths share and for all the donations.





World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2019


Batman, Wolf Woman an Legoman were all warming up on the playground as break time approached. Batman (Mr Lowman) addressed the children and staff regarding our CHIMP Project (Children's Health is Mental & Physical), information on which you can find on our website. This Girl Can were ready to strut their stuff. Mr McKenzie the DJ started the funky music blaring as the whole school flooded onto the playground ready to join in the dances. 


This Girl Can then danced a great version of J-Lo's - Medicine. DJ McKenzie then changed the tunes to the Conga, everyone joined the line and made a giant conga across the playground, teachers, children and characters alike.We free-styled to the Crazy Frog before bringing the celebrations to a close.


A brilliant time was had by all! 




Arts Week - June 2019


The Albert Pye ended their Arts Week with an Arts Festival displaying all of the year groups fabulous work.


There was also some wonderful dance performances by the "This Girl Can Club" and a very well attended singing and signing workshop with Miss Lane.


Thank you to all the parents that attended the arts festival.





Chicks - March 2019


All of the children thoroughly enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and grow over the two weeks that they were with us and have written up their observations in their Chick Diaries. Having the chicks also provided us with the perfect opportunity to teach the children about life cycles. 



Red Nose Day - March 2019


Through a combination of Red Nose sales and donations from the non-uniform day, The Albert Pye managed to raise £941.90. Well done to everyone.



No Outsiders

The No Outsiders project is being started this term. This project helps children to learn about valuing difference and inclusion through the use of picture books. It enables us to deliver the protected characteristics of the Equality Act to our children in an age appropriate way.


Family Scrap Challenge - June 2018


This week, we held the annual junk challenge. The response from both pupils and adults was absolutely fantastic. All those that attended really embraced the challenge and as a result produced so brilliant creations.


Thank you to all those that attended and made the event so incredibly successful. 







Children’s Mental Health Week February 2018

The Albert Pye School and Ravensmere Infant School


During Children’s Mental Health Week which ran from Monday 5th February till Friday 9t February, we had one of the most memorable weeks within our schools.


Our nurture leads, Mrs Chambers and Mrs Remblance ran wellbeing workshops through out the week at both schools. These included fun soft play, friendship bingo, speed friendship, emoji corners and timed obstacle challenges. The children's enthusiasm, co-operation and all round enjoyment was there to be seen by all. Their wellbeing's were truly being looked after during these different exciting sessions.


Every break time a wellbeing café was run for each year group. At the Albert Pye thje Health Club provided healthy snacks for the children and the staff, and at Ravensmere the children were able to enjoy delicious smoothies. All the monies raised has been donated to the Children’s Mental Health Charity.


On the Friday as our big finale we held a special event at the Albert Pye. Our fit and enthusiastic Mr Stevens volunteered to row at least 40,000 metres in the school day. Bungay Gym kindly donated a high tech rowing machine for the task.


We invited parents along in the morning and after school to help increase the amount of metres achieved. The Beccles Fireman even showed up in their fire engine to put in a few metres! The school teachers also took turns during the day and brought their classes along to give them encouragement and support. The children and staff’s wellbeing was truly at an all time high as we reached 71,000 metres at the end of play on Friday. We were even lucky enough to have a huge happy Barney Bee with us throughout the day, keeping the atmosphere alive and buzzing, he even joined in the last wellbeing session with Nursery on the soft play!


It was a very busy week and the children and parents managed to raise over £300 for charity and we thank them for their kind generosity and thank you to everyone involved.


We are looking forward to next year already!







Children in Need - 17th November 2017


To help celebrate Children in Need 2017, Albert Pye and Ravensmere parents were invited to join their children for a Maths share morning. Children and parents worked together to solve a range of Pudsey Problems.


Year 6 pupils calculated the volume of beans needed to fill a paddling pool. At the end of the day the estimations were answered and Mr Lowman was brave enough to get into the paddling pool too.


Responses to the event show that parents enjoyed coming into school to do maths activities with their children. Several commented that they found it eye opening to see the skills the children are learning. They also thought it was a great interactive way to encourage the children to learn.



Family Scrap Challenge - March 2017


On Wednesday 22nd March the Albert Pye held a family scrap challenge, giving children and parents a chance to work alongside local artist, Claire Meade.


The idea was to make either a monster or machine using scrap materials.


We had some fantastic and creative designs produced.


Many thanks to all who got involved!



World Book Day - March 2017


At the beginning of March both Schools took part in World Book Day.


We had some fantastic and inventive costumes and even the staff joined in on the fun!


Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.




Roadworks Safety Assembly - February 2017


Dominique Noel (National Grid) and Gary Tidman (Triio) came into Albert Pye Primary School on Monday to speak in assembly.


They brought signage and fencing to show the children and gave a safety talk about the National grid/Triio work that is currently going on around the school area.


Thanks to both organisations for offering their support to the school.



Children in Need 18/11/2016


On Friday 18th November both schools took part in various events to help raise money for Children in Need!


Lots of the children took part in our Spotacular Non-Uniform day and we were so pleased with the amount of parents that managed to attend our Children in Need Maths Share Mornings at both Albert Pye and Ravensmere!


Thank you to everyone who got involved!