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London Landmarks - October 2021

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, the children in Key Stage One have been learning all about different London landmarks. In groups, the children used aerial photographs to identify different landmarks and then created group models. As a class, the children placed their landmarks in the correct places to create a 3D map of London. 

Sports Festival - September 2021

This week, Key Stage One enjoyed their Sports Festival where they took part in a range of activities such as 'The Egg and Spoon', 'Muddy Puddle Jumping' and lots more. This helped to improve their coordination, balance and gross motor skills. All of the children worked well as a team and had a great time! We would like to thank all of the adults who came to support and cheer the children on.  


Polly Dunbar - July 2021


This morning 1/2D and 1/2B were lucky enough to have another visit from illustrator Polly Dunbar. They listened to the stories ‘While We Can’t Hug’ and ‘The Longer the Wait, the Bigger the Hug’ and then enjoyed taking part in a draw along session where they created their own Hedgehog and Tortoise pictures. We would like to say a huge thank you to Polly for sharing her expertise with us!





Victorians - July 2021


As part of our History Week, KS1 enjoyed experiencing a Victorian school day. The children dressed up, wrote with chalk, recited the alphabet, joined in with drill and created observational drawings.









Measuring Capacity - June 2021


This week 1/2D and 1/2B have been exploring measuring capacity. They had to read the scales on the containers carefully to measure the liquid accurately and then compare the amounts they had made.





Jungle Animals - June 2021


After studying the sculptor Nick Mackman, 1/2D and 1/2B created their own jungle animals from clay. They enjoyed recreating the colours of the animals when painting them.





Creepy Crawly Roadshow - May 2021


As part of their Jungles topic KS1 had an exciting visit from the Creepy Crawly Roadshow. The children were able to find out about and handle a range of animals such as a millipede, tarantula, snake, land snail and bearded dragon.





National Numeracy Day - May 2021


As part of National Numeracy Day 1/2D and 1/2B have been learning about position and direction. They drew their own jungle maps and then wrote down instructions to move around it.




Humpty Dumpty Experiment - May 2021


As part of Science this week 1/2D and 1/2B completed a Humpty Dumpty egg experiment. They selected a range of materials to wrap the eggs in and made predictions about which ones would protect the egg the best and why. They discussed how they could make it a fair test before wrapping the eggs and dropping them onto the playground.





Blossoms - April 2021


To go alongside their Spring poems, 1/2D and 1/2B have created some blossom artwork. They used their fingers to paint the blossom and discussed the different shades of pink they could see.





Fractions - April 2021


1/2D and 1/2B have started a new maths topic of fractions this week. They have used food to help them become familiar with halves, quarters and thirds.



Materials - April 2021


During Science this week KS1 have been exploring materials. They spent time feeling the materials and then worked on describing their properties.




Division - April 2021


This week in maths, KS1 are learning all about division. The children have started by focusing on sharing equally and we practised this by sharing some sweets between our teddies.




Gardening - March 2021


KS1 have been doing some fantastic gardening and enjoyed planting beans. We can't wait to watch them grow! #wellbeing #backtoschool





Worrysaurus - March 2021


KS1 have been reading the Worrysaurus, and discussing how we can manage our worries. To link with the story we decorated butterflies to symbolise us chasing away our worries. #wellbeing #backtoschool


Year1/2 Christmas Video

Polly Dunbar - December 2020


This morning 1/2D and 1/2B were lucky enough to have a visit from the wonderful Polly Dunbar who came to read her new story The Owl and the Pussycat! We all enjoyed joining in with the story and then creating our own pictures of the characters. A huge thank you to Polly for our very special book gift as well!





Number Bonds - November 2020


In Maths this week KS1 have been learning their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. They have represented the number bonds with paper chains, cubes, and Numicon. We have started to look for links between the number bonds too!





Diwali - November 2020


On Friday KS1 enjoyed learning about Diwali. They learnt how and why Diwali is celebrated and created their own Diva lamps from play dough, mehndi hands and rangoli patterns.





Picasso - October 2020


This half term, 1/2B and 1/2D have been learning about Pablo Picasso's abstract artwork. They designed and created their own Picasso inspired portraits using cardboard and paint.





Baptism - October 2020


KS1 have been learning about Baptisms. Today we went to St Michael’s Church to observe a role play Baptism and find out more.