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Welcome to Year 3!


Egyptian Day - November 2021


3L had a great day exploring life in Ancient Egypt. We all looked great in our Egyptian costumes. We loved tasting the Egyptian food. We worked together in teams to build a shaduf to get water out of the River Nile! We made shabtis which are servants to help us in the afterlife!











As Part of our Ancient Egyptian topic we are 'Mummifying a Tomato!'

Miss Lane’s class chant

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Class 3L had great fun learning a chant about being a part of Miss Lane’s class. They added some BSL signs too!

Active Learners - October 2021


Year three were very #Activelearners today in their science sessions. They found out all about the function of their muscles and explored which muscles we use when we do different activities.



Cinderella - October 2021


3L had fun outside acting out our own versions of Cinderella. We made freeze frames of each scene. We love being active. Drama really helps us before we write our Cinderella stories.





Using the Sugar Scanning app to create a Healthy packed lunch

Trip to look at the River Waveney

Visit from Dippy on Tour

3L Tagtiv8 Active Maths session


Cave Paintings - July 2021


Class 3L enjoyed their last few days in Year Three outside in the sunshine working cooperatively to produce these amazing cave paintings!





Time and Tide  - 3L July 2021


3L had a fantastic visit to the Time and Tide museum for a 'Surviving the Stone age' day. They really showed how much they had learnt this term and had lots of fun at the same time!





Art Week - July 2021


Arts Week was lots of fun in Year Three!









Stone Age Day - June 2021


Stone Age day has been a great success in Year Three. We had fun working in tribes to build Stone Age shelters. We explored real Neolithic flints and used them to carve and shape vegetables. We found out all about The Beaker People and we made simple clay pots just like they did. The whole day has been great fun and we have learnt a lot!  #Active learning!





Pizza - May 2021


3L had fun designing, making and evaluating their pizzas in their DT session this week.


Cave Art - May 2021


3L have been exploring Cave Art and taking a virtual tour of the Lascaux caves  in France. Look at our fantastic Cave Art!


World Numeracy Day - May 2021


On World Numeracy Day 3L had great fun exploring tessellation.





Active Maths - May 2021


3L had great fun during their active maths sessions estimating and accurately measuring in and around the school grounds.







Henges - May 2021


Year 3 had great fun researching 'Henges' and designing and building their own henges. We had some interesting ideas about why and how they thought Stonehenge was built.





3D Shapes - May 2021 


3L had great fun solving a tricky challenge! See if you could solve it: Which 3D shape can you make from only 9 straws and 6 balls of plasticine?





Lego - May 2021 


3L had fun writing sets of written instructions for 'How to build a Lego digger'. They used bossy 'imperative verbs and adverbs. We love Lego in class 3L!



The Proudest Blue - April 2021


As part of our #NoOutsiders sessions, 3L listened to 'The Proudest Blue' story and found out what it means to wear a hijab. We were so lucky to have Miss Islam from Year 2 come and visit our class to answer all of our questions. She explained so beautifully how proud she was to wear one and what it represents for her.


Venn Diagrams - April 2021


Active learning for Class 3L out in the glorious sunshine sorting shapes in different ways using Venn diagrams. Caused lots of debate and discussions!





A Surprise Visitor - April 2021


Year 3 had a visitor in the classroom, a tiny field mouse crept in, so we rescued it then used the visit to inspire us to write a class poem!


Mouse in the classroom,

Hiding everywhere,

Behind a cushion, under a chair.


Mouse in the classroom,

Scurrying around,

Trying hard, not to be found.


Mouse in the classroom,

As black as soot,

Ah! He’s now, under my foot.


Mouse in the classroom,

Oh what a fuss,

He’s running around as fast as a bus.


Mouse in the classroom,

Oh what a to-do,

Three teachers and thirty children too.


Mouse in the classroom,

Oh what shall we do?

It really is a hullabaloo.


Mouse in the classroom,

Finally set free,

Now he can go home for his tea.


Mouse in the classroom,

Oh no, he’s come back,

And poor Miss Lane can’t bend her back.


Mouse in the classroom,

Mrs Powley can’t see,

That leaves Mrs Masterson and Mrs Cameron to set him free.


Written by Class 3L


Based on the poem ‘Dog in the Playground’ by Allan Ahlberg

Inspired by a mouse in the classroom yesterday morning.


Rocks and Crystals - April 2021


Year Three were very lucky to listen to a talk about 'Rocks and Crystals' as part of their science work. Mr Secker brought in a selection of rocks and crystals and we found out where they come from in the world and learnt all of their names. We were very lucky to handle some of them and find out how rare they were. This has inspired some of us to make our own collections! Thanks to Mr Secker for giving up his time.


Lost City - April 2021


We have been inspired this week by stories of a lost city. We explored the lost city and found abandoned buildings like temples. In drama we created these buildings and left coded messages for future visitors to find, explaining why the lost city had been abandoned. Some amazing writing and drama this week from Year 3!





Rainforests - March 2021


3L have been finding out all about deforestation of the world's rainforests. They worked together in teams to create these amazing 3D Amazon rainforests! They showed great teamwork.







Explorers - March 2021


3L have been researching famous explorers. We used our research to create these eye-catching information pages about each explorer. We are proud of our writing and glad to be back in school together! #wellbeing #backtoschool





Remote Learning - March 2021


In Year Three we have been celebrating all of the wonderful remote learning that the children did at home. We chose a small selection to display at school so we could all share it together. Well done Year Three!



Print Blocks - February 2020


Year three have been printing using their own print blocks. We were inspired by objects in the natural world and created our own hand-printed wallpaper. We are so proud of how they turned out!


Plants - February 2021


Year three found lots of creative ways to show their plant knowledge!



Year 3 Christmas Performance 2020

Egyptian Day - December 2020


 3L really enjoyed their Egyptian day exploring lots of exciting questions such as How did Ancient Egyptians get water out of the River Nile? and Why did they take statues of servants with them to the Afterlife?


A debate was held to decide whether or not Howard Carter should have left the treasures in Tutankhamun's tomb or not. We all learnt a lot and had great fun too!





Magnets - December 2020


In our science sessions Year three have been exploring magnets. We found out all about the poles and we investigated which materials were magnetic. We explored the forces involved. we love being scientists!


Quest - December 2020


Great excitement today as a present arrived for Year three to open! We were so pleased to unwrap it to find that it was a set of 'Quest' books! This is the sequel to the 'Journey' book we have been exploring. We were so excited and dived into the book immediately! We had so many questions to ask and to answer. We loved this book. You could feel the excitement in the room!



Magic Carpets - November 2020


Year 3 have been enjoying exploring the Journey book. They designed and made their own magic carpets to go on a journey around the world!





The forest beyond the door - November 2020


Year 3 have been looking through the door into the forest in the 'Journey' book. They have created some beautiful paintings of the forest beyond the door.



Children in Need - November 2020


3L had fun on Children in Need day with some Pudsey maths challenges and we raised lots of money for Children In Need.







Journey - November 2020


We explored forces in science using the aquaducts and canals from the ‘Journey’ book.







Ancient Egyptian Art - November 2020


Year Three have been exploring Ancient Egyptian Art. Look at our amazing display!





Mummification - October 2020


Year three had great fun finding out about mummification. We set up an investigation to mummify a tomato. We are going to leave them over time and observe what happens to the tomatoes. We can't wait to find out what happens.






Matball Club - October 2020


Our Year 3 Matball Club taking part in the NorthSuffolkSG In-school competition. The children completed all 4 for the challenges set with some fantastic passing/moving and scoring.



BSL - October 2020


Class 3L have been learning some BSL (British Sign Language) every week. This week we learnt the signs for families. Here we are signing brother, sister, father and mother.


We also really enjoy learning signed songs.


Flags - October 2020


Class 3L have really enjoyed taking part in Miss Lane's flag challenges. Can you guess what this week's and last week's flags were?


Edgar Degas - October 2020


Year Three looked at Edgar Degas 'Dancing Girls' paintings and were inspired to create some collages showing movement. They moved their bodies in different ways before making their masterpieces! We were all very impressed with the results!







The Human Body - October 2020


Year three have had great fun learning all about the human body. We found out how muscles work and learnt the names of all of the bones in our skeleton. We asked lots of scientific questions about bones and muscles and we used the laptops to research the answers to our questions.


Ancient Egyptian Writing - September 2020


Year 3 had fun exploring Ancient Egyptian writing. They wrote their names in hieroglyphics and decoded some Egyptian writing. They made their own cartouches using real papyrus. 



Egypt - September 2020


Year three went on a flight to Egypt. They flew on a five hour flight to Cairo. They made their own passports and enjoyed an in flight movie!


It was great fun!



The Magic Box - September 2020


The Year three children have been reading The Magic Box. A poem by Kit Wright.


We loved the rich language and imagery in the poem and particularly loved the line about 'The swish of a silk sari on a Summer's day.' We swished a real sari to see what sounds it made!