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PD Day - Friday 23rd October 2020

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Stepping Stones - September 2020


This week in PE year 5 were given a stepping stone challenge. They had to work together to get their whole team across the playground without touching the floor. It was great to see lots of communication, strategising and problem solving. Well done!



Teamwork - September 2020


Year 5 were working on their teamwork skills in their PE lesson. They had to work together to use the guttering to get the tennis ball from one side of the playground to the other.





Topic - September 2020


In topic year 5 have been investigating which European countries have changed since WW2.




Indoor Athletics - February 2020


After winning the Lowestoft and Beccles area event, pupils from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Suffolk Under 11 Indoor Athletics competition, held in Newmarket.


Competing in a range of running, jumping and throwing events, Albert Pye pupils performed well and were a credit to the school , finishing as the 5th best team in Suffolk.



Squared and Cubed Numbers - January 2020


This week year 5 have been learning about squared and cubed numbers and have been using multi link to investigate them.




2D and 3D Shapes - January 2020

As part of our Space topic the children have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. They created their own rocket designs which showed tessellation. They were then challenged to draw the nets for each shape and construct their rockets.


The children's rockets were fantastic and made with care and confidence. 









Hangar Dance - November 2019


The children in year 5 had a fantastic evening celebrating the end of their world war 2 topic with the Hangar dance. The children performed a WW2 play which looked evacuees, air raids and the blackout. They also sang songs from WW2 and learnt and performed 1940s inspired dance.


All the children were fantastic and we were amazed by the show they put on. The evening was also to help raise money for our Lion King trip and we raised a total of £425.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all parents, children and staff for their help and support with the evening.



Decimals - November 2019


In maths we have been learning about written methods with decimals. Today the children took their maths outside and worked in pairs to solve a range of calculations. These involved division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.



Henry Moore - October 2019


In Art we have been looking at drawings and sculptures by Henry Moore, which he created during the Second World War. The children used the work by Henry Moore to inspire their own work and created images of underground tunnels using paint and oil pastels.





Decimal Place - October 2019


Year 5 are learning about decimal place value in maths. Today they went outside and completed a decimal place value challenge.



Duxford - October 2019


“At Duxford, around the site we got to see commercial airlines and a few planes landing and taking off. We also went to a section and we got to see American planes and they were suspended from the hangar. In the Airspace we got to see Concorde and a  Spitfire, we also saw  a mosquito! In hangar 8 we got to see a D-Day film and we saw lots of tanks and jeeps. At one point we got to see a section of Battle of Britain and we got to see an Air Raid Shelter, bombs and we spoke to someone who lived during WW2”. Lyla 5E







Evacuees - October 2019


As part of our WW2 topic the children came into school dressed as evacuees.


In the morning we pretended we were at a primary school in London and had to hide under desks when we heard the air raid siren. The children pretended to board a train and travel to Beccles to be evacuated. In the afternoon we took the children to the Beccles train station so they could see where the evacuees would have arrived. We then walked to Ravensmere where the children were billeted to new families.


Not all children were looking forward to meeting their new families but some were very happy.





Division - October 2019


In our math lessons the children have been working on division. They had a few reasoning challenges to solve.


We were really impressed with the perseverance shown by Matthew and Daniel who cracked the problem - well done boys!





Short Division - September 2019


This week in maths, Year 5 have been learning how to use the formal method of short division. We started using place value counters before moving onto some sizzling challenges where the children had to apply their knowledge of multiplication and division.





Share Afternoon - September 2019


Year 5 had a fantastic share afternoon with their parents creating Blitz Jars as part of our WW2 topic.






Catch Me if you Can! - June 2019


Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon concluding their Great Outdoors topic - Catch me if you can! All term they have been receiving clues from the Riddler and chasing him around North America. This afternoon he was hiding out in our school office and the children tracked him down. 






STEM - June 2019


For STEM the children learnt about levers, gears and pulleys. They really enjoyed using the technical Lego to investigate driver and follower gears.




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Measure - June 2019


Year 5 have been learning about measure and today they were estimating distances and then using trundle wheels to measure them. To end the lesson they had to plan out a 1km route which they then used in their PE lessons and timed their run.




Anglo Saxons and Vikings - April 2019


Last term Year 5 learnt about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. They read the ancient story of Beowulf and then wrote their own poems. In art they created Viking shields. 




Rocket Launch - April 2019


Year 5 ended their space topic with a bang when they launched their bottle rockets in the playground. The children looked at the design of different rockets to identify air resistant shapes and learnt about the force produced when air was pumped into the bottles. They then investigated the effect of changing the amount of water in the bottle. Someone got a bit wet!



Hangar Dance

On 29th November, year 5 celebrated the end of their World War 2 topic with a 1940s hangar dance. Families joined in and celebrated with the children and everyone made a fantastic effort with their costumes. The year 5s enjoyed baking cookies for their event. They also wrote remembrance poems, learnt a 1940s dance and learnt wartime songs, which they performed on the night. Throughout our history topic children learnt about evacuation and experienced what it was like to really be evacuated. They also thought about how Beccles has changed since the 1940s.


Aladdin Theatre Visit and Showscase - June/July 2018


On June 21st our Year 5 students went to London to watch Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre. Then worked for several weeks to create their own show case to perform for parents and students.


"On June 21st, Year 5 were fortunate enough to travel to London to see Aladdin at the beautiful Prince Edward Theatre. Later that week, Year 5 decided to make a show based on the trip. In literacy we created reviews about the show. In the PE Curriculum we created dances to show in our showcase. In DT we used our textile skills to create magic carpets that we used as props. Year 5 worked solidly for nearly 3 weeks. Well done Year 5".


"On June 21st, Year 5 went to London to see Aladdin, an award winning Disney show. Based on this Year 5 used our design and technology skills to create magic carpets. Year 5 also used their writing skills to create reviews".


Kelsie and Tom

Aladdin Showcase - July 2018

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Adventure Island - July 2018


A big well done to the Year 5 and Year 6 drama group who performed an excellent rendition of Treasure Island on the 13th July. It was lovely to see them supporting one another so thoughtfully.


Some of the Year 5 audience congratulated them on their clear delivery of lines.


Congratulations to all involved.


Viking Day - March 2018


In March, Year 5 had a Viking visitor and became vikings for the day. We learnt how to build a shield wall and marched into battle. We voyaged across the seas from Scandinavia to the lands of England and raided the monasteries steeling the silver and gold and kidnapping the monks to keep as our slaves.


Ms Minter and Mrs Everett were dressed as Viking ladies. To finish the day we explored viking food. 





Maths Weeks - March 2018


During maths week, year 5 took on fitness challenges.


We had projects where we designed our own Olympic stadium and to finish the week, we had the parents join us for a share afternoon where we were estimating weight, length, capacity and distances. 





Albert Pye Space Agency - March 2018


Year 5 have just finished their A.P.S.A (Albert Pye Space Agency)topic.


We planned and made 3D rockets in Design Technology and used our maths skills to create our own nets.

We then made mechanical toys which represented the planets in our solar system. The planets orbited when you turned the handles.


To finish our topic we launched rockets. We used our scientific observations to adapt them and challenged ourselves to see whose rocket would launch the highest. 





World Book Day - March 2018


We celebrated World Book Day on Friday 9th March and were so impressed with all the amazing costumes from both the children and the staff!


The children had a lovely day and took part in some book themed activities!





Bailey English-Sutton’s Visit to Petit-Couronne


Congratulations to Bailey in year 5 for his splendid display board of his visit to Petit-Couronne with the Beccles Twinning Association. Bailey loved his time there and would encourage others to get involved with this next year!





Science - November 2017


Year 5 have been working hard in their science lessons. Whilst learning about forces, they have been planning their own investigations into how far the plane will travel across on the string. They were investigating the effect of changing different variables 



Year 5 'Share and Create' - December 2016


On Tuesday 13th December, parents were invited to join in their child’s art lesson. Visiting artist Clare Meade, and Mrs Belcher encouraged the children and adults to respond to Tim Peake images from space. They were quickly immersed in ‘frenetic fun’.


A follow on session will take place on 31st January where their printing will move to another level!



Hangar Dance - December 2016


The Hangar Dance was a very enjoyable experience and helped us reflect on World War 2. All of the dancing was entertaining for the audience as they were able to join in.


Year 5 also learned three different songs; We’ll meet again, forever blowing bubbles and you are my sunshine.


It was an amazing evening that we will never forget!


Rosie and Charlotte Year 5.