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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


March 2023 - P.E 


This half term, Year 5 are developing their hockey skills in P.E. 

World Book Day 2023 


January 2023 - Rocket Launch 

After a successful term of astronaut training, the children were able to create and launch their own rockets. 

November 2022 - Celebration Evening

Well done to all the children who put on an amazing performance at our End of WW2 Celebration Evening despite a few nerves. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who attended and supported the evening so generously.

November 2022 - Remembrance Assembly

As part of our WW2 Topic we have been learning about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy. We wrote our own remembrance poetry and in assembly, we read our poems to the whole school. 

November 2022 - WW2 Art Parent Share

What a pleasure it was to have our first Parent Share of the year and to have so many parents attend. The children all loved working with their adults to complete their 'Blitz' lights. 

October 2022 - Visit to Duxford IWM

Year 5 had a fantastic day out at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. We were able to see many WW2 vehicles and artefacts which helped us to understand what life was like during the war. We were also able to become documentary film makers to capture important facts and information about the time. The children were all enthusiastic and very well behaved. Well done Year 5.

September 2022 - Breaking News: Year 5 evacuated!

September 2022 - Welcome to Year 5

The children have all made a fantastic start to year 5 and have been keen to learn all about our WW2. We have already been very busy; reading The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, learning about how the war started, making boats, recreating Henry Moore inspired art work and designing Anderson shelters, to name a few things. Well done everyone.


June 2022 - Mini Police Week 5

The children all had a fantastic time looking at all the equipment the police use. We got to try on some of the uniform and sit in the police car with the lights and sirens ringing around the whole school. All of year 5 loved meeting the Suffolk Police mascot.

May 2022 - Catch me if you can!

Year 5 have been using their Geography skills to chase The Riddler across North America over the last few weeks. On Wednesday they finally caught him and reclaimed their treasure. Great work Year 5!

May 2022 - Arts Festival

The year 5 children have really impressed us this week with the work they have produced for the arts festival. We took the idea from our class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, which features a Japanese artist called Hokusai. His famous painting, The Great Wave, was the inspiration for our wall hanging and 3D work. We also wrote Haikus and Tankas, Japanese poetry, based in nature and decorated with Haigas.

5E Poetry

5M Poetry

May 2022 - Mini Police: Road safety

What a great way to end Walk to school week with a road safety session for our mini police. We were all really interested in seeing the equipment the police use to keep us safe. We were very luck to see one of the special medals that some officers have been given to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

May 2022 - Mini Police: Solving Crimes

This week we worked hard to solve the mystery of the stolen book. The children also had the opportunity to take their fingerprints to see how they can be used to identify suspects.

April 2022 - Mini Police

Year 5 were officially made into mini police officers on Friday for the first of 7 sessions working with the local police. We had a great time learning all about anti-social behaviour and the impact it can have on our community. We were definitely most excited about getting our uniforms and notebooks!

March 2022 - Science

The children designed their own scientific investigations to test what variables effect whether sugar always dissolves. They chose to investigate the types of sugar, amount of sugar, temperature of water and whether stirring would affect the dissolving of sugar. 

March 2022 - Comic Relief

We challenged the children to solve a range of Maths problems for Comic relief. The children used some fantastic strategies.

February 2022- Rocket Art

As part of our space Topic, we studied the techniques used by the artist Peter Thorpe and created our own pieces. 

February 2022 - Maths - Investigating cubed number

January 2022 - DT Space Mazes

In DT the children made DT skills. They worked on a range of skills in this project such as accurate measuring, sawing, drilling, sanding, hammering and presentation. The children loved making hteir space mazes and we were really pleased with them. 

Year 5 End of WW2 topic performance - December 2021

As we came to the end of our World War 2 topic, we wanted to celebrate all our learning with a special performance. All the children worked very hard learning their parts, singing, playing keyboards and making scenery. Please enjoy our production: 'We'll Meet Again'.

We'll Meet Again

Year 5 Remembrance Assembly - November 2021

Year 5 have been writing poetry based on the idea of remembrance. They were inspired by the National Remembrance Arboretum and all the specifically chosen plants growing there. 

Remembrance assembly

Evacuation Day - September 2021

The year 5 children have been learning all about what it would have been like to be an evacuee during WW2.

We had a great day dressing up and walking down to the train station to imagine what it would have been like. We then walked to Ravensmere to be billeted. Some of us were not happy with the new families we were given. 

Sports Festival - September 2021

Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Sports Festival. Everyone tried to do their best for their teams at a range of challenges. It was a real pleasure and inspiration to have Gold Medal winning Paralympian Jordan  Catchpole supporting us along with all the parents.


Life Cycles - June 2021


In science year 5 have been learning about life cycles and reproduction. This week we looked dissected flowers and investigated the different parts needed for reproduction.



100 Word Challenge - April 2021


For the Y5 100 word challenge the children wrote some fantastic poems, stories and diary entries inspired by some of Sir Tom Moore’s medals. We made 100 inspirational footsteps. We also had a maths change to make 100 using a selection of numbers and operations.





Materials - April 2021


In Science, Year 5 have been exploring materials and thinking about their properties using scientific language. They were challenged to separate different materials based on their properties.



Forces - March 2021


Year 5 having been looking at forces in science. They managed to lift Mr Baker off the ground using a pulley. #wellbeing #backtoschool



French - March 2021


In Year 5 we enjoyed playing French card games this week. It was a great way to learn new vocabulary and helped us to practise asking for ice creams and sandwiches. Délicieux! #wellbeing #backtoschool



World Book Day - March 2021



Year 5 WW2 Autumn Term

Children in Need - November 2020

For Children in Need year 5 looked at some maths money problems. They used a range of strategies to solve the problems.



Evacuee Day - November 2020


Year 5 found out what it was like to be an evacuee. They dressed up in 1940s clothing and we re-created the day of an evacuee.


We used drama to explore what it would have been like saying goodbye to their families and what it may have been like on the train journey. The children had evacuee numbers and these were used to designate their new host families.





Henry Moore - November 2020


As part of our WW2 topic, we looked at art work of Henry Moore and his abstract sculptures. We used clay to make our own abstract sculptures.





Poppies - November 2020


Today in Maths year 5 were seeing where the maths was in a poppy. We calculated the area of different poppies and we used string to help us accurately measure the perimeter of each poppy.