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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Joining - November 2021


Year 6 have been inspired by a technique called 'joining'. This form of photography art was pioneered by art legend David Hockey. All of the pupils have made interesting collages using pictures of themselves.



Heart and Lungs - October 2021

On Tuesday, the Year 6 children had the opportunity to explore a pig's heart and lungs which was kindly supplied by Seppings Butchers. The children were intrigued to see exactly what these organs looked and felt like. A true buzz was evident around the classroom with many sharing that they were truly amazed by the density and texture of the different parts. 



Active Challenges - September 2021


Year 6 have had an excellent week taking part in active challenges. They have taken part in a sports festival that was led and organised by our awesome Sports Leaders. The pupils, parents and staff were all very impressed by how organised the event was. An extra special thank you to Jordan Catchpole for spending the afternoon with us and sharing all of his Paralympic experiences. We have all been inspired by your achievements.





Today the children had a PE lesson with a twist. The hall was set up as a grid with different coloured spots placed on the floor. Children were challenged as they were required to follow differing routes in order to solve a range of calculations. A real buzz about this lesson with children working tirelessly for the full time. Persistence, determination and enthusiasm all on show! 

Cross-curricular physical activity

First day in Year 6 - September 2021


Year 6 have had an awesome first day back. In order to build their confidence and develop their team building skills, we decided to set them various challenges. They needed to work in small groups to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows and then to design a device to prevent an egg from breaking from a drop of two metres.






Transition - July 2021


Year 6 had the pleasure of attending a YouTube live assembly this afternoon all about transition to high school. They learnt a lot about what to expect and how to be extra vigilant online.



Bowling - July 2021


Year 6 have had a wonderful morning bowling together as part of their end of year celebrations. A few friendly rivalries resulting in some excellent scores. 









Real World Problems - June 2021


In maths, Year 6 have been tackling real world problems. Today’s challenge was laying patio slabs. Three different sizes with three different costs. The pupils needed to come up with a design that was aesthetically pleasing whilst being cost effective.



Myths of Ancient Greece - June 2021


Year 6 have been exploring the myths of Ancient Greece. This week, they were challenged to research a myth of their choice and then to retell it in their own words. The pupils have fully embraced the challenge and enjoyed performing to one another.

Myths of Ancient Greece

Realistic Artwork - May 2021


This week in Art, Year 6 have taken inspiration from the scientific and incredibly realistic artwork of Charles Darwin. The pupils carefully used  a variety of sketching pencils to draw their very own flowers.



Thank you - May 2021


A big thank you to Mike Cadman for his informative zoom meeting with us this morning. He taught us a valuable lesson on value and provided all the of the children with their own copy of the Gideon New Testament. 



Evolution and Inheritance - May 2021


Year 6 have continued their study of evolution and inheritance this week. The pupils learnt about the origins of the scientific thinking around mathematical links to the dimensions of the human body. We spent some time analysing The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci and then putting his theories to the test. We finished off our afternoon by measuring the size of dinosaur tracks around the school grounds. This allowed us to accurately estimate the dinosaurs height and ultimately identify the species it belonged to.





Choreography - April 2021


Year 6 have been watching clips of a production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ performed at The Globe. They were inspired by some of the dance/fighting choreography which has led them to work in small groups and come up with some steps of their own.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Skylarks War- April 2021


The Year 6 Reading Gladiators have produced a brilliant piece of work based on Hilary McKay’s book The Skylarks War. They have used the train to represent the journey each of the characters went on through the book.



Clarry’s carriage represents her transition from child to adult. It also represents her butterflies of hope, her pink beret and her school mushroom hat. Clarry is also the engine pulling her friends along because she loves to help them. The quote we chose is, ‘Summer was shining bliss, summer was opals and topaz and lapis and diamonds flung from the sky summer was Cornwall.’



In one of the windows, there is a red cross to show that peter studied medication.

In the picture, Peter is jumping of the train as he did in the story to get out of going to boarding school.

His quote is, ‘He would tell him that he wished he had not jumped of the train also that it hurt in fact it wouldn’t stop hurting.’



For Rupert’s train carriage we did camouflage to show he went to war. We did gold to represent his true colours.


For his quotes we put:

‘And there was someone hurrying over the footbridge and he reached the train in time to swing her down onto the platform. She could feel him laughing as he held her, and he said, “Clarry. Darling Clarry.” And it was Rupert.’



We decided to use a giraffe-style print for the carriage to represent Simon’s tallness. We also included the Pride Flag to show Simon is gay. There is a sniper and grave as well because Bonnington was shot by a Sniper on the last day of September 1918, consequently dying.


“Simon Bonnington, Bonners, the Bony One who hated outdoors, found football painful, detested mud, had secret bedsocks all through boarding school, who once wrote a letter to the Old Fish, the headmaster, about the lack of soap in the school toilets… had enlisted in the army.” We used this quote to show that despite hating mud and sports he was still devoted to his country.



For Vanessa’s train carriage, we decided to put on red crosses to show that Vanessa worked in a hospital. I think that her dress shows her personality as it is quite happy and exciting just like her. For her quote I put:

“Sorry, Clarry. I’ve been up all night. It’s sitting down and being warm that’s sending me to sleep!”

This shows that Vanessa worked very hard when being a nurse.





Shoes - April 2021


In our art lessons, Year 6 have been designing footwear. Their inspiration has come from characters and scenes that we have studied in our literacy lessons from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After a successful planning session, the pupils started to construct their basic shoes with the use of gum tape and tissue paper warped around an existing shoe.





A Midsummer Night's Dream - April 2021


Year 6 have continued their study of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This week, we have been analysing scenes and giving the children the opportunity to act them out in small groups. Doing so has really helped their understanding of the 16th century language.



A Midsummer Night’s Dream - April 2021


This week, Year 6 have started some learning focused on William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We have looked at the characters and made predictions on their interactions. Today, we started to read Act 1 and have produced some wonderful invitations for the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta.


The Tree - March 2021


Aiden and Max are proving a dab hand at poetry in Y6. Take a look at their amazing imagery. #wellschools



Protractor Skills - March 2021


Year 6 have been working hard on their protractor skills this morning, estimating and measuring angles. #wellschools



Cross Country - March 2021


Enjoying the sunshine with some cross country running with Year 6. The pupils have been working on their pacing and have been focusing to develop their fitness over the past few weeks.


Y6 Cross Country

Properties of Light - March 2021


Year 6 have been looking at properties of light over the past few weeks. This week, the pupils have independently created circuits and then used their light source to send morse code to each other. #wellbeing #backtoschool



Athletics - March 2021


As part of PE, Year 6 have been focusing on athletics. This week, we focused on our running whilst trying to focus on pace. The pupils are slowly building up their post lockdown fitness.



The Highway - March 2021


This week, Year 6 have been focusing on poetry. We spent some time reading the ‘The Highway’ and felt inspired to have a go at writing our own narrative poems.



Periscopes - March 2021 


In science, Year 6 have been looking at light. We started off by proving light travels in straight lines from its source. The pupils then built their own working periscopes to show that light can be reflected in different directions.



The Island - March 2020


Year 6 have have settled back into school brilliantly. Since returning, we have been looking at the book ‘The Island’. When the people of an island find a man sitting on their shore, they immediately reject him because he is different. This has led to great discussions about refugees, human rights and racism and has inspired some writing focused on emotions from the different characters perspectives.



World Book Day - March 2021



The Hill We Climb - January 2021


Here is some amazing poems and writing from some of our Year 6 children.






Battleships! - December 2020


´╗┐Today in Year 6, we have been consolidating our learning of coordinates in the best way possible ... battleships! It got very competitive.



Ratio and Proportion - December 2020


Over the past week, the pupils in Year 6 have been learning about ratio and proportion. They were challenged to scale up quantities for making cupcakes and gingerbread men.



Music - December 2020


This week, Year 6 have been exploring the wonderful world of music. We listened to a classic piece called ‘Mars’ by the world renowned composer Gustav Holst. The children listened and thought about the emotions it made them feel. 





Classification - November 2020


Year 6 have been looking at how classification works. All living things are divided into large groups called 'kingdoms'. Scientists haven't quite agreed how many kingdoms there are, but many think that there are five: the monera, the protoctista, the plants, the fungi and the animals.  



Kamala Harris - November 2020


This afternoon, Year 6 spent some time looking at the achievements of Kamala Harris. We have learnt about her background, upbringing and recent political successes. We then discussed how her position as Vice President is so significant in the world today.



Body Management - November 2020


This half term, Year 6 are learning 'body management' as part of their PE lessons. They were brilliant at learning the moves and putting them into a routine. To finish, the children completed a 'body scan' to identify areas of stress and tension.



Plasticine Digestive System - November 2020


The children in year 6 have been looking at the digestive system as part of their healthy eating focus. They were able to label a diagram and explain the function of each organ before creating their own digestive systems out of plasticine.





Adam Woodage - November 2020


Some of our aspiring authors in 6G were lucky enough to have a zoom interview with teen author Adam Woodage. They asked brilliant questions and had a fantastic learning experience. 


 6L House Cup - October 2020


Congratulations to Hufflepuff! Winners of the 6L house cup for this half term. Excellent teamwork and a positive attitude by all.


6G House Cup - October 2020


Congratulations to ravenclaw, 6G house cup winners!


Tudor Houses - October 2020


Today, Year 6 have been learning about Tudor houses and how they were made. By the end of the afternoon, they were able to annotate a drawing on how these buildings were constructed and what building materials were used.



Author Letters - October 2020


Now that Year 6 have finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the pupils have been intrigued as to the process involved with writing a book and having it published. They have decided to write a letter to their favourite authors asking questions and sharing their favourite reading experiences.


Hopefully, some of the children will be lucky enough to gets replies.



Harry Potter Anagrams - October 2020


In our OAA lesson this week, the children had to solve Harry Potter anagrams in teams. The children worked brilliantly in their houses to try and achieve as many house points as possible.







Artefacts - October 2020


Learning about periods in history also means learning about the everyday tools and objects that people would have used. The children had a great lesson looking at artefacts whilst trying to figure out what the modern day purpose could be.



Team Building - September 2020


Transporting a ball from one side of the hall to the other whilst using drain pipes and not being able to speak is really quite tricky. Here is Year 6 making it look easy as part of a team building PE session.





Coat of Arms - September 2020


After weeks of planning, the pupils in Year 6 have been using their cross stitch, back stitch and running stitch skills to create their own Tudor coat of arms.





Potions - September 2020


Year 6 have been putting their word processing skills to the test. Today, the pupils were writing their very own Harry Potter themed potions.





Tudor Coat of Arms - September 2020


Year 6 have been working exceptionally hard to create their own Tudor coat of arms. Over the past couple of weeks, they have designed and redesigned ideas in their sketch books.


Today, they transferred their final idea onto fabric ready to cross stitch next week.





Tudor Blind Date - September 2020


This afternoon, the pupils have been carrying on with their learning about the Tudors. This lesson was focused on Henry VIII and his 6 wives.


We played a game called Tudor Blind Date which helped us to identify who was who.



Diagon Alley - September 2020


After a great lesson planning a diary entry last week, Year 6 were ready to write up their best work. The diary entry detailed Harry's first adventure in Diagon Alley and the excitement of being introduced to the wizarding world for the very first time.





Numeracy - September 2020


In numeracy, the children have been consolidating their knowledge of the four operations. This is something they will continue to work on in their home learning and morning Chilli Challenge activity. 



PE Continued - September 2020


Year 6 have continued their brilliant OAA PE sessions. Today, the sun was shining and we had great fun working in small teams to solve problems that involved excellent communication and Maths skills.





Hogwarts Letters - September 2020


Year 6 have been embracing the challenge of up levelling their own writing. Today, they were improving their draft letter to a perspective Hogwarts student. 



Spiders - September 2020


Year 6 have created their own information sheets all about spiders. They were inspired by their DERIC session this week and researched information using the Internet.




PE - September 2020


Year 6 have been taking part in some team building activities in their PE lessons. They have worked brilliantly in their houses to complete the challenges.







The Human Body - September 2020


Year 6 have started their new science topic ‘The Human Body’. Today, they looked at the function of the heart and were able to construct their own diagram.





DERIC - September 2020


To finish their excellent first day, Year 6 have been creating their own imaginary worlds based on the text we used in our DERIC session.



Welcome to 6L - September 2020


6L have settled into their first day brilliantly. They came in and settled quickly and have now enjoyed a morning of learning about what Year 6 has in store for them.