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PD Day - Friday 23rd October 2020

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Tudor Houses - October 2020


Today, Year 6 have been learning about Tudor houses and how they were made. By the end of the afternoon, they were able to annotate a drawing on how these buildings were constructed and what building materials were used.



Author Letters - October 2020


Now that Year 6 have finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the pupils have been intrigued as to the process involved with writing a book and having it published. They have decided to write a letter to their favourite authors asking questions and sharing their favourite reading experiences.


Hopefully, some of the children will be lucky enough to gets replies.



Harry Potter Anagrams - October 2020


In our OAA lesson this week, the children had to solve Harry Potter anagrams in teams. The children worked brilliantly in their houses to try and achieve as many house points as possible.







Artefacts - October 2020


Learning about periods in history also means learning about the everyday tools and objects that people would have used. The children had a great lesson looking at artefacts whilst trying to figure out what the modern day purpose could be.



Team Building - September 2020


Transporting a ball from one side of the hall to the other whilst using drain pipes and not being able to speak is really quite tricky. Here is Year 6 making it look easy as part of a team building PE session.





Coat of Arms - September 2020


After weeks of planning, the pupils in Year 6 have been using their cross stitch, back stitch and running stitch skills to create their own Tudor coat of arms.





Potions - September 2020


Year 6 have been putting their word processing skills to the test. Today, the pupils were writing their very own Harry Potter themed potions.





Tudor Coat of Arms - September 2020


Year 6 have been working exceptionally hard to create their own Tudor coat of arms. Over the past couple of weeks, they have designed and redesigned ideas in their sketch books.


Today, they transferred their final idea onto fabric ready to cross stitch next week.





Tudor Blind Date - September 2020


This afternoon, the pupils have been carrying on with their learning about the Tudors. This lesson was focused on Henry VIII and his 6 wives.


We played a game called Tudor Blind Date which helped us to identify who was who.



Diagon Alley - September 2020


After a great lesson planning a diary entry last week, Year 6 were ready to write up their best work. The diary entry detailed Harry's first adventure in Diagon Alley and the excitement of being introduced to the wizarding world for the very first time.





Numeracy - September 2020


In numeracy, the children have been consolidating their knowledge of the four operations. This is something they will continue to work on in their home learning and morning Chilli Challenge activity. 



PE Continued - September 2020


Year 6 have continued their brilliant OAA PE sessions. Today, the sun was shining and we had great fun working in small teams to solve problems that involved excellent communication and Maths skills.





Hogwarts Letters - September 2020


Year 6 have been embracing the challenge of up levelling their own writing. Today, they were improving their draft letter to a perspective Hogwarts student. 



Spiders - September 2020


Year 6 have created their own information sheets all about spiders. They were inspired by their DERIC session this week and researched information using the Internet.




PE - September 2020


Year 6 have been taking part in some team building activities in their PE lessons. They have worked brilliantly in their houses to complete the challenges.







The Human Body - September 2020


Year 6 have started their new science topic ‘The Human Body’. Today, they looked at the function of the heart and were able to construct their own diagram.





DERIC - September 2020


To finish their excellent first day, Year 6 have been creating their own imaginary worlds based on the text we used in our DERIC session.



Welcome to 6L - September 2020


6L have settled into their first day brilliantly. They came in and settled quickly and have now enjoyed a morning of learning about what Year 6 has in store for them.




David Hockney - February 2020


In art this half term, the children have been focusing on David Hockney. We noticed that his work contained a range of vibrant colours which we aimed to recreate through the use of water colour and acrylics.


As our topic this half term is Brazil, we challenged the children to replicate a landscape which could be urban or rural.  They began by sketching their pictures before moving on to water colours; further detail was added through the application of acrylics. Once they had evaluated and made improvements to their work, they then reduced it down in size and constructed their final image with emphasis on lines and drawing the eye into the picture.     




Drama - February 2020


To ensure the children get the best out of their writing, we aim to immerse them in a range of scenarios. We use oracy and drama to help the children fully understand the emotions of each and every character. 





Indoor Athletics - February 2020


After winning the Lowestoft and Beccles area event, pupils from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Suffolk Under 11 Indoor Athletics competition, held in Newmarket.


Competing in a range of running, jumping and throwing events, Albert Pye pupils performed well and were a credit to the school , finishing as the 5th best team in Suffolk.



Heart and Lungs - December 2019


On Thursday 12th December, year 6 had a great afternoon exploring a pig’s heart and lungs. A lot were extremely shocked with how it felt and what it looked like.


 A big thank you must go to Seppings for kindly donating the organs.  





Languages at SJLHS - November 2019


Year 6 Languages Morning On Wednesday 20th November, both of the Year 6 classes went on a trip to Sir John Leman High School for a languages morning. There were multiple tasks for the children to experience which all involved a different language in an activity form. These activities all boosted the children’s confidence of languages as well as teaching them new words and how to pronounce them. Some activities involved identifying flags, learning the names of animals in a foreign language and counting in Spanish and French.


The year 6 pupils enjoyed this hour-long event at the high school and here are some of the quotes: William B says, “They made learning languages enjoyable and my favourite activity was the one where you identified flags.” Neve W said, “I enjoyed going there to learn different languages and my favourite part was learning colours in Italian.”


As a result, this trip turned out to be successful.


Report by William and Felix 6S


Year 6 pupils were enthusiastic about this event at the high school and very keen to give feedback: ‘Mandarin was my favourite. We drew the symbols for different animals. We had a challenge to see who did the best drawing.’ ‘The Italian Colour Hunt was great fun.’ ‘I liked the board game. It helped me to learn some words in different languages.’ ‘The Cognates Treasure Hunt was a good idea.’ ‘Counting in French and Spanish in a circle and throwing Bob the Blob (ball) was great fun.’ ‘All the high school pupils were very helpful. Some of them were really funny too.’


Many thanks to all the MFL staff and Language Leaders involved in the organisation such a successful event.


The high school pupils who ran the activities were brilliant.


Mrs Harman and Year 6 Team





Harry Potter Studios - November 2019


Wow. What an amazing time the Year 6 children (and staff) had at Harry Potter. Their genuine excitement was evident from the moment the buses pulled up into the car park. Their excitement only blossomed further when we began the tour. It really helped them visualise the story they had been reading and cemented their understanding further.




“The Hogwarts Express was incredible. It helped me see where the journey truly began for Harry in the Philosopher’s Stone”


“Walking through the Forbidden Forest helped me see why no one at Hogwarts would want to go there”


“I loved Diagon Alley. It was amazing to see where Harry got bought all his stuff he needed to start his wizarding journey”


“Gringotts was brilliant. It is so big and marvellous to look at”


“Harry Potter World really helped me visualise the story we have read”










Crucial Crew - November 2019


On Tuesday 12th November, the year 6 children went to ‘Crucial Crew’ at Lowestoft Community Church.


They explored a variety of vital life skills such as fire and water safety, mobile technology and the ways in which trucks and lorries use the space around them.


They learnt a lot which they will need as they progress through their lives.



The Digestive System - November 2019


In Science, Year 6 have been exploring the digestive system this week and learning all about enzymes. They can describe physical and chemical changes involved in the process.



Kentwell Visit - September 2019


On Tuesday 24th September, Year 6 had the opportunity to travel to Kentwall Hall. They experienced a range of different activities including archery, baking, weaving and much more. Not only this, they also met a range of people who gave interesting insights into their lives.


Despite the initial unfortunate weather, the children had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed their day.











Arts Week - June 2019


As part of art week, Year 6 have been making detailed observational drawings of plants, which links to their science topic. They began by creating pencil sketches, which utilised tone and texture, before creating colour pallets which they used to produce a final water colour.





Den building - April 2019


The children of Albert Pye were lucky enough to have someone come in and talk to them about den building.


The children were given rules but given the freedom to create something with their team. Their independence and co-operation was evident as they produced some wonderful results with a variety of designs and structures.


The ultimate test came at the end where children were challenged to sit in their den and see if it protected them from the ‘rain’. Despite a few wet children, most of the dens kept the children dry.


A wonderful afternoon was had and some brilliant opportunities for children to show their learning super powers.




Year 6 STEM Week - Periscopes - March 2019


During STEM week, children discussed the uses and importance of periscopes. They then had the challenge of designing their own, ensuring they were correctly measuring, cutting and constructing. A range of skills were used which produced some wonderful periscopes which children then used to go around the school, spying on others.



Year 6 French Fashion Show


To round off this half term’s unit of work on Les Vêtements (Clothes), Year 6 pupils performed on the catwalk dressed in a wide variety of outfits!


6S and 6W had worked in small groups to create their own script, using French to describe the clothing worn, and then the two classes performed for each other.


Vocabulary used, based on the nouns and adjectives taught in lessons, enabled the speaker to describe the items of clothing and their colours. Some groups also included opinions about the clothing, such as ‘too big’, ‘too small’, ‘sporty’, ‘very stylish’, with one pair describing their school uniform as ‘moche’!


Comments from just a few pupils which show the value of this new activity:


‘It was exciting because we could show off our moves on the catwalk.’  Bailey


‘We enjoyed doing the fashion show. It helped us to improve our French.’            Chloe


‘It was educational and fun.’      Lauren


‘It was good for practising speaking in French.’                 Christian


‘It was fun because we could show off our French skills better than just sitting in a classroom.’    Harry


You worked hard – well done, Year 6!                                                                                   


Hearts and Lungs!


This term the Year 6 children are looking at the human body and healthy lifestyles. They will be exploring the different organs in detail whilst understanding how our bodies work. Due to an extremely kind donation from Sepping’s Butchers, the children had a great opportunity to explore a pig’s heart and lungs. Many overcame their initial fears and were able to feel and explore these parts.


A few of the quotes from the children were:


‘Wow, I can’t believe how hard the heart is’ 


‘The lungs feel like jelly with a skin on and the heart is like a rock’


The children really seemed to enjoy this experience and went away with questions they will aim to answer.

Kentwell Hall Visit - 24th September 2018


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their day spent in the magnificent setting of Kentwell Hall, which provided inspiration and an interactive way for the children to learn more about this fascinating period of British history.


Adults and pupils dressed in costume, and speaking only in Tudor language, helped to recreate an authentic atmosphere as we travelled back in time for a day.  The children were shown many aspects of life in a Tudor manor including cooking, baking bread, making cheese and butter, herbal medicines, music and dance. Tudor weapons were demonstrated by the archers with their longbows and the guards with their muskets. We were also fascinated by the camera obscura and the work of the strange Alchemist in the woods!


A few pupil comments:


‘We arrived at the gates and were greeted by a guard holding a Tudor gun. He showed us how and where to put the gunpowder and then fired. The loudness of it made my friend, Emily, jump as it was really loud and sounded like an explosion.’


‘In the Bakery we learnt how they made common bread and white bread. We were allowed to knead the dough and to press the flour through a cloth to separate the brown and white flour.’


‘In the kitchen they were cooking doves for a pie, which at the time were being plucked, livers, pottage and, most deliciously of all, apple fritters.’


‘Everyone agreed the day was fantastic and the Hall even better and they all left with their heads considerably fuller. Kentwell Hall is a great place for a day trip.’


We would like to thank all parents for your support for this event – the pupil costumes were fantastic.

Year 6 Kentwell Hall Visit - September 2018


All pupils will need a costume for our Kentwell Hall trip on 24th September. 


Please have a look at the information sheets below for costume ideas.


There will be an opportunity for pupils to make their hats and purses in Topic lessons. 



Adventure Island - July 2018


A big well done to the Year 5 and Year 6 drama group who performed an excellent rendition of Treasure Island on the 13th July. It was lovely to see them supporting one another so thoughtfully.


Some of the Year 5 audience congratulated them on their clear delivery of lines.


Congratulations to all involved.


Stand up to Cancer - May 2018


On Saturday 12th May, some of our Year 6 Students did the Stand Up To Cancer Mud Run, in Norwich.


It was a 5km run with muddy obstacles at different points along the way. There were pools of mud, nets to crawl under, an elasticated maze, hurdles to climb over whilst carrying mud, very muddy tunnels and a giant slide into a huge mud pool.


Many people from all over the country took part in several different races. These were split into two different age groups: races for adults and races for kids.


We all enjoyed this race very much and it was an amazing experience. We hope to do it next year and we are also encouraging many others to do it too.


Altogether we raised about £860 for the charity”.


Rosie A, Charlotte S, Tilly J, Sophie M, Violet A, and Gabby N



World Book Day - March 2018


We celebrated World Book Day on Friday 9th March and were so impressed with all the amazing costumes from both the children and the staff!


The children had a lovely day and took part in some book themed activities!




Treasure Island - February 2018


Year 6 have been learning about Treasure Island. Here is some examples of their written work.


Year 6 Yoga – December 2017


Yoga was introduced as a physical activity for Year 6 pupils for the first time this half term.


The 6 week course is designed to enhance pupils’ health and well-being, by combining the practical aspects of yoga with relevant health facts about how the body works.


At first, many pupils found the relaxation aspect of the lessons challenging but, with perseverance and concentration, they showed clear progress towards mastering the breathing techniques and poses.


Quotes from a few 6H pupils:

“I have enjoyed doing Yoga this term because it helps me to relax better when I’m feeling too hyperactive.”  Sophie


“Yoga has helped me to improve in school because I feel more relaxed. I also found it good because I could be calm even when I feel emotional.”  Amelia


“Yoga has made my mind clearer if I get stressed at any time.”  Dean


“I think that Yoga has been a fun experience and I will use it when I get stressed or angry.”  Bailey


“At first Yoga was hard because I could not relax but after a few weeks I can now relax and it make me less hyper after PE.”  Mia


“I enjoyed Yoga because it was very relaxing.”  Luca


“Yoga is very calming and is very good for stress relief. I really enjoyed doing it.”  Jasper


“Yoga has really improved my attitude so I can concentrate in my lessons.”  Harmony





European Day of Languages - September 2017


To celebrate this annual event, our Year 6 pupils were invited to take part in a morning of language activities, run by pupils and staff at Sir John Leman High School.


Pupil comments:

‘On Tuesday 26th September, Year 6 went to visit the Sir John Leman High School as it was the European Day of Languages. We had some exciting tasks to do which were decorating cakes like the European flags and making badges that say your name in different languages. We only stayed a couple of hours but we all enjoyed this exciting event. Everyone has learnt a few words in different languages like Polish, Turkish and even emoji language!’


Amy Dennington Wright   6H


‘On Tuesday 26th September we went to SJLHS to do some fun activities, as it was the European day of Languages. Some of the activities were: dressing up, icing cakes to represent flags, learning lots of different languages and different ways to communicate. One of the different languages was emojis! What they meant was that different emojis explained different places. For example, if you had kangaroos, koalas and deserts it would mean something like Australia because you would mainly find those three things in that environment. Next, they had pictures and you had to match the flags with the correct country that was written on a piece of paper. It was a competition to see which team won!’


Grace Williams   6W  and   Sophie Runnacles   6H




Visit to Kentwell Hall - June 2017


Last month our Year 6 classes visited Kentwell Hall. Below is some photographs from the trip and some of the written work the children have produced.







Working with Lego - April 2017


Year 6 have been learning about  scratch coding and using ‘Lego we do’ in Computers. Faith Alexander and Honey Eversden in 6W managed to assemble a lego fan.



Year 6 Kentwell Hall Visit


All pupils will need a costume for our Kentwell Hall trip on Tuesday 27th June. 


Please have a look at the information sheets below for costume ideas.


There will be an opportunity for pupils to make their hats and purses in Topic lessons. 


Year 6 Cake Sale – Friday 31st March 2017


Staff and pupils enjoyed eating some delicious cakes and buns this week!


All proceeds from the Cake Sale will be used to help finance our Summer Term educational visit.         

As Year 6 pupils have been studying ‘The Tudors’, a trip to Kentwell Hall has been arranged for Tuesday 27th June. We are looking forward to dressing up as Tudors and experiencing how people lived in Suffolk in the 1500s.


Grateful thanks go to all the families who supported our first fundraising event by baking and/or buying cakes.



Year 6 Red Nose Maths Share - Friday 24th March

Healthy Hearts at Albert Pye School - October 2016


This week, as part of the Science curriculum, Year 6 pupils worked with a paramedic to find out more about the human heart. As well as giving a talk on the positive effect of exercise and diet on the heart, the paramedics explained about the electrical impulses which are needed to make the heart work.


There was great excitement in the classroom when the Electrocardiagram  (ECG) machine was switched on! Every pupil had the opportunity to be connected to the ECG machine and to receive a printout showing their pulse rate, blood pressure and heart activity.


Grateful thanks go to the NHS Paramedics, Mr Martin Grove and Mr Dave Ellard, for sharing their expertise and for patiently answering questions about the job of a paramedic.


Mrs Harman (Year 6 Teacher)