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Assessment and Progression

Assessment for PE at Albert Pye is carried out continuously throughout the year. We believe that effective assessment in PE is designed to engage, support and motivate pupils to become competent, confident, creative and reflective. It supports and encourage pupils to work to improve their own performance and their partners and teammates. This is achieved by sharing ideas, giving feedback, recording and analysing performance and agreeing on strategy.


Our Approach to assessment is meaningful and embedded throughout the curriculum; this allows learners to make progress and improve.


Teachers use the GetSet4PE assessment tool their criteria is child-centred looking at

 Social

 Emotional

 Thinking

We use the S.E.T criteria throughout the whole of KS1 and KS2. This approach supports the child’s development across the whole school and PE curriculum.


At Albert Pye the class teacher will teach one PE lesson and the PE specialist will teach the other. At the end of each ½ term they are able to discuss every pupil’s performance and compare their overall PE attainment. This data is recorded on the schools data system and shared with pupils and parents via feedback, parents evening and reports. Getset4PE provide us with online training on how to assess in PE and the PE specialist is on hand to support teachers.


Example of Assessment Progression