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More Division - Year 4 - February 2020


Now that we have conquered division (sharing) in our numeracy lessons, we’ve now moved onto division (grouping). Today, the children used concrete materials to show their understanding.




Division Word Problems - Year 4 - February 2020


Today the children have been solving division word problem. They have been sharing equally using the bar method.



Maths Cafe - KS1 - January 2020


On Friday 24th January we held a Maths Cafe for KS1. The aim of the session was to help parents understand what their children are focusing on in Maths this term and will provide  ideas to support their children at home.


Thank you to all parents that were able to attend.



Squared and Cubed Numbers - Year 5 - January 2020


This week year 5 have been learning about squared and cubed numbers and have been using multi link to investigate them.