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Visions and Values

Our vision across The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation is to ensure highly successful schools at the heart of our market town community. It is important to us that all our children enjoy their learning, love to come to school and are celebrated for their successes. We aim to remove the barriers to learning for all our children, within an equitable, inclusive and nurturing environment which instils confidence in our children to challenge and be challenged.  Whilst we seek to ensure high standards of literacy and numeracy through high quality teaching and learning, of equal importance to us is ensuring a rich curriculum provision and a wide range of opportunities both within and beyond the school day to enable every child to have their chance to shine.


We aim to achieve this by:


  • Implementing a well-designed, evidence-based curriculum to ensure children experience the most effective teaching approaches to their learning
  • Supporting children to demonstrate strong learning and conduct behaviours which are built on mutual respect and the value of celebrating differences
  • Instilling our Super Learning Powers across the school, so children recognise the impact these have on their own current learning as well as their future successes and achievements
  • Ensuring our curriculum builds on the children’s prior knowledge and is supported by high quality resources and real-life experiences
  • Upholding British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs to prepare our children for life in modern Britain as respectful and informed members of society
  • Encouraging and inviting all members of our community to contribute to, and support the children’s learning, through shared events, regular communication and approachable staff
  • Supporting our staff to be the best they can be through investing in targeted continuing professional development with recognised, and celebrated educational thinkers and creators
  • Ensuring children are well prepared for future transitions across the phases, feeling confident to move to the next stage of their learning.  

British Values