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Religion and Worldviews

Religion and World Views


Curriculum Intent 


At Albert Pye Primary School we have designed our Religion and Worldviews curriculum to enable pupils to become responsible citizens and effectively engage and communicate with the community and wider world around them.

Our vision is for our children to develop religious literacy, ensuring they develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices, allowing them to carry out deep critical analysis of religious beliefs and traditions whilst fostering an awareness and respecting their communities. In order to achieve this, children need a secure knowledge of a range of religions and beliefs with opportunities to reflect and ask questions. 



We have personalised our Religion and Worldviews curriculum, using the Emanuel Project and research to inform our decisions. This allowed us to carefully design and sequence our curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils in our school. We recognise that many of the children at Albert Pye Primary School have limited exposure to a diverse range of religious and cultural practices. Therefore, our curriculum aims to give children knowledge beyond their immediate world and experiences. To enable the children to be responsible citizens, developing a religious literacy is fundamental as this will allow them to understand the diversity of practices within a religion and therefore, not generalise or stereotype groups of people.

Religion and Worldviews is a multidisciplinary subject and our curriculum allows children to explore the key disciplines that form its foundation. These are:


Theology (Believing) - This is about believing. It looks at where beliefs come from, how they have changed over time, how they are applied differently in different contexts and how they relate to each other.

Human/Social Sciences (Living) - This is about living. It explores the diverse ways in which people practice their beliefs. It engages with the impact of religion and belief on individuals, communities and societies.

Philosophy (Thinking) - This is about thinking. It is about finding out how and whether things make sense. It deals with questions of morality and ethics. It takes seriously the nature of reality, knowledge and existences.

Religion and World Views Intent Pillars

Year 3


Year Three have been exploring Creation stories and talking about how we think the world began. We were confident enough to share all of our different ideas and we discussed the idea that everyone's ideas were respected and valued.


We have looked at the Christian Creation story as well as stories from other religions and cultures.


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